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Netcare Limited is an investment holding company which operates through a number of subsidiaries and employs just under 29 000 people.

The Netcare Group invests in growing and continually improving our capabilities and capacity, and in partnering with the public sector, to support the effectiveness of the national healthcare systems in which we operate.

It is this continuous investment in the latest medical technologies, high-level professional expertise, and commitment to caring for our patients that makes Netcare a leading healthcare provider.

The company’s ordinary shares have been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa since December 1996, when the company operated 4 hospitals compared to the current 116.


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13 218

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primary healthcare centres


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retail pharmacies *


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renal dialysis units with 773 dialysis stations*


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Netcare 911 emergency bases *


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28 763

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* South Africa only

South Africa

In South Africa, Netcare operates the largest private hospital, primary healthcare, emergency medical services and renal care networks. In addition to its world class hospital services, the Group offers primary healthcare, occupational health and employee wellness services through Medicross and emergency medical services through Netcare 911, and renal dialysis through National Renal Care. Netcare also has the distinction of being a leading private trainer of emergency medical and nursing personnel in the country.

United Kingdom

Netcare, through BMI Healthcare, is the largest private provider of acute hospital care in the United Kingdom (UK), serving National Health Service (NHS), private medical insurance (PMI) and self-pay patients. Since establishing its presence in the UK in 2002, Netcare has delivered competently and consistently against the stringent service and quality standards embedded in the NHS contracts. Of the private hospital groups in the UK, BMI Healthcare sees the highest volumes of NHS patients.


In Lesotho the Tsepong consortium, in which Netcare is the largest shareholder, is engaged in a public private partnership (PPP) with the national government. Netcare manages the facilities and provide clinical services in a 425-bed hospital, as well as three filter clinics and a gateway clinic providing primary healthcare. The hospital incorporates a 35-bed private facility. This innovative model has broadened our role in public sector healthcare delivery in an African context.