Lecture overview

Over the last few months, as the global COVID-19 pandemic has escalated, there has been an accompanying surge in information available around COVID-19. Trying to stay up to date in this rapidly changing and progressing field of healthcare is challenging, given the sheer volume of information and data available. 

To assist our colleagues in the healthcare sector, Netcare initiated the Netcare COVID-19 Lecture Series. The series is aimed at all healthcare workers of all levels and skills, with the intention of better equipping everyone to combat this pandemic. The sessions take place regularly via Zoom, with all sessions recorded and available online via Netcare’s YouTube page. All sessions are CPD accredited and completely free.


If you would like to attend the live sessions, please register in advance by clicking here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Registration and live attendance is required for CPD points.

July sessions

We have planned sessions until the end of July for every weekday, and will then move to twice a week from August onwards. The sessions we had thus far and have planned for the future are as follows:

09-Jul-20 CPR in the Context of Covid David Stanton Head of Clinical and Education Netcare 911 
10-Jul-20 ABC of ventilation  Dr Tammy Baillie - Stanton  Emergency Physician and Critical Care fellow
13-Jul-20 CPAP and High Flow Nasal Oxygen for the NON ICU practitioners  Prof Roger Dickerson  Head of Emergency Medicine, New Somerset Hospital 
14-Jul-20 Understanding Inotropes for NON ICU Practitioners  David Stanton  Head of Clinical and Education Netcare 911 
15-Jul-20 Ethical Decision making in disaster situations  Prof E Kramer  Emergency Physician, MSc Med Bio Ethics
16-Jul-20 Helping to nurse patients in ICU for Drs Paramedics and Clinical Associates  Gloria Burger  Intensive Care Acadmic staff Netcare Education 
17-Jul-20 Infection control to keep safe when caring for the COVID Positive Patient  Dr Caroline Maslo  MD PhD, Head of Infection Control Netcare 
20-Jul-20 Assessment of the COVID 19 Patient status in the ED Ward, High Care and ICU  Professor Mike Wells  Emergency Medicine Physician, Chairperson of EMSSA
21-Jul-20 Covid Update Vaccine,  Testing,  Quarantine, Isolation Risk Groups and others. Professor Lucille Bloomberg  Deputy Director at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD)
22-Jul-20 End of Life Decisions.  Professor Feroza Motara  Academic Head of Division Emergency Medicine - ‎Faculty of Health Sciences University of the Witwatersrand
23-Jul-20 Helping to nurse patients in ICU for Drs Paramedics and Clinical Associates.  Part 2  Gloria Burger  Intensive Care Acadmic staff, Netcare Education 
24-Jul-20 Netcare MEURI – Request for participation Angeliki Messina Netcare Head of Antibiotic Stewardship and Clinical Pharmacy Digitalisation 
27-Jul-20 All things practical (How to connect and set up ICU Equipment)  David Stanton  Head of Clinical and Education Netcare 911 
28-Jul-20 CPR in the Context of Covid. David Stanton Head of Clinical and Education 911 
29-Jul-20 ABC of ventilation  Part 2  Dr Tammy Baillie - Stanton  Emergency Physician and Critical Care fellow
30-Jul-20 Investigations relating to the COVID Patient in the ED  Dr Paul Sandler  Emergency Physician, Head of Clinical Governance NWHP Group 

August sessions

03-Aug-20 The Paediatric COVID Patient  Dr Dave Kloeck  Paediatric Critical Care Specialist, Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital
05-Aug-20 The Positive maternity patient and her baby  Dr Bronwyn Moore Specialist O&G, Netcare Park Lane
11-Aug-20 Cardiac Manifestations in COVID  Dr Nachie  Levin Cardiologist, Netcare Milpark Hospital 
13-Aug-20 Overview Of Surge Plans, Oxygen and Field Hospital Challenges Theo Lighthelm Disaster Management Lead, Ministerial Advisory Committee
17-Aug-20 The Positive Poly Trauma Patient  Professor KD Boffard  Trauma Surgeon, Head of Milpark Trauma Unit 
19-Aug-20 The post COVID patient  Dr Adri Kok Specialist Physician, President of the International Society of Internal Medicine 
24-Aug-20 The comorbid COVID Patient  Dr Nangamaso Kukulela  Specialist Physician, Netcare Sunninghill Hospital
17-Aug-20 The Positive Poly Trauma Patient Prof. KD Boffard Trauma Surgeon Head of Milpark Trauma Unit
19-Aug-20 The post COVID patient Dr Adri Kok Specialist Physician President of the international Society of Internal Medicine
24-Aug-20 The comorbid COVID Patient Dr Nangamaso Kukulela Specialist Physician Sunninghill
31-Aug-20 When COVID is not COVID Prof. Lucille Blumberg, Dr Adri Kok and Dr Jeremey Nel Panel presentation of unusual COVID Presentations

September sessions

09-Sept-20 The Neurological Presentation of COVID-19 Dr Pradeep Rowjii Specialist Neurologist in Private Practice at Netcare Milpark Hospital
16-Sept-20 Are we seeing COVID re-infections? Dr Anne von Gottberg Co-head of the Centre for Respiratory Diseases and Meningitis at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Johannesburg


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