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End-of-life cancer care

The care that’s given to people who are near the end of their life and have stopped treatment to cure or control their disease, is known as end-of-life care. It includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support for both patients and their families.

The goal of end-of-life care is to control pain and other symptoms so that the patient can simply be as comfortable as possible.

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End of Life

Advanced care planning

The process of planning for your future health and personal care is important as you enter end-of-life care. It matters because if you’re unable to speak one day, having shared your wishes and values in advance will help your loved ones understand what treatment decisions you prefer in a medical crisis.

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Managing pain and medication

Managing pain is an important part of your supportive care as a patient. Pain can be described as an unpleasant physical or emotional experience which can only be described by the person experiencing it. It can wear you down over time, make you irritable, reduce your appetite, and make it difficult to enjoy life.

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What to know as an end-of-life caregiver

When a person’s health care team determines that the cancer can no longer be controlled, medical testing and cancer treatment often stop, but the person’s care continues.

When to call on professional help

There may be times when a caregiver  needs assistance from the patient's health care team. Read more here.

When it’s the right time to use hospice care

Many people believe that it’s only appropriate in the last days or weeks of life. However, it can be used much sooner. Read more here.

Ways to provide emotional support

Everyone has different needs, but some worries are common to most dying patients. Read more here.

Dealing with losing a loved one and what to do

The loss of a loved one is something that is very difficult to go through. We often don’t know what we could expect to feel or experience in a time that feels unreal.

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