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The effects of cancer and its treatments can cause harsh physical, emotional and financial effects. Treating these effects is called supportive care, and can drastically improve the quality of your life.

You can start receiving supportive care soon after learning you have cancer and continue to receive this type of care through your treatment and recovery.

About supportive care

Supportive Care

Caring for the caregiver

Whether you're young or old, you may find yourself in a role as a caregiver. If caregiving feels new to you, try not to worry. If you need to, share your feelings with friends, a counselor or a support group.

Caregiver needs

Additional resources

Below you will find a list of helpful resources to learn more as you embark on this daunting journey.

Alternative cancer treatment

What is the difference between complementary medicine and alternative cancer treatment?

Mental wellness resources

Emotional distress and mental health disorders can negatively impact on your overall quality of life and cancer care experience. More information and help is available.

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