Patient Portal & Pre-admissions FAQ's

Patient Portal

What is the Patient Portal?

The Netcare Patient Portal is a website for your personal healthcare management. This online tool offers you the convenience of providing us with your information as well as enabling you to complete a pre-admission to a Netcare hospital at a time that suits you.

To access the Patient Portal, you are required to register an account using a valid ID or passport number, mobile number and email address. A one-time-pin (OTP) driven password is used so that your information remains private and secure.

Once you are in your Patient Portal account, you can create and update your profile details and submit a pre-admission for yourself or a loved one to a Netcare hospital. If you have a child under the age of 18, you may be given access to your child's Patient Portal account using your valid ID number. Doing your pre-admission through our web-based online system is safe, and all the information you submit is secure. Upon first login, a tutorial will guide you through the portal.

If you require assistance during the registration process, you can contact your nearest Netcare hospital.

Please note: Membership to this portal is verified. Information entered on this site will be shared within the Netcare Group.

Why must I register before doing an online pre-admission?

By registering on the Patient Portal, you are able to complete your profile. This ensures that Netcare has all of the information they need before you arrive at the hospital. When you arrive, they only need to confirm the details with you and this also minimises the amount of forms you need to fill in.

How to register?

Click on the register button on the home screen, fill in the form and enter the One Time Pin (OTP). This creates your profile and, if you have had previous interactions with Netcare, allows you to use the details we have on file. You can then complete or update your profile at any point in time.

My number has changed, what do I do?

If your number has changed, or if Netcare has an incorrect number on file, you are able to update this by contacting your closest Netcare hospital. You can also update your number if you are able to access the Patient Portal.

I cannot receive my OTP

You are able to resend the OTP to the registered email address linked to your profile from the ‘OTP’ pop-up.

When I try to register, it says I already exist?

This will happen if you have created a profile either on the new Patient Portal or if you used the old pre-admissions system. You can log in using your ID and password as created previously. If you do not remember your password, you are able to reset it by following the ‘Forgot Password’ link.

Why do I need to complete the entire form?

It is necessary to complete the entire form for yourself as this ensures complete and accurate information available throughout the Netcare Group and minimises back and forth between the Hospital and yourself as well as the Hospital and your Medical Scheme.

What is email verification and how does this work?

Email verification ensures that we have the correct email address so we are able to send you details regarding your pre-admission. An email will be sent to the email address that you have registered with. Please click on the link in the email to verify your email address. If you did not receive the verification email, you can resend the email from your profile summary or contact details section.

Linking a Profile

The Patient Portal allows you to link a dependent, family member or friend’s profile to assist them, should they not be able to complete their own profile or submit a pre-admission. To link a profile, you will need a valid ID number, mobile number and email address. To complete a linked profile, the email address must be verified by clicking on the link sent to the email address provided.

Who can I link to my profile?

You can link a dependent, family member or friend as long as you are provided with the one-time pin (OTP).

What can a person see when they link my profile?

A linked profile can view and update your demographic information. They will also see the pre-admissions that they complete on your behalf.

Linking a minor

You are able to link a minor to your profile if you have a valid South African ID number.

I cannot select a linked profile on the pre-admission form?

The linked profile may not be complete. Go to your home page, select the relevant profile and ensure it has been fully completed, including email verification.

When must I complete a linked profile?

If you want to complete and submit a pre-admission on a linked profile’s advice.


What must I do to complete an online pre-admission?

Ensure the relevant profile, your own or a linked profile, is complete. Go to the pre-admission page and complete the pre-admission form.

Medical Scheme patient procedure

When visiting a pre-admission centre at one of our hospitals, please ensure that you have your identity document and medical scheme membership card on hand. Our pre-admission patient administrator will guide you through our admission process and will assist you with the completion of the necessary documentation to ensure a hassle-free admission process.

If you are a member of a medical scheme, note that all medical schemes require their members to obtain authorisation prior to hospital admission. Failing to obtain pre-authorisation from your medical scheme will mean that you personally will be liable for any shortfalls or penalties on your hospital bill.

To obtain authorisation, you will need to provide your medical scheme with a written medical diagnosis and code (ICD10 and CPT4) for your admission, as well as the practice number of the specialist under whose care you will be admitted. If you are scheduled for a procedure you will also require a description of the surgical procedure that will be performed as well as a code (CPT4).

The doctor admitting you to hospital should provide you with these details. Our patient administrators will also require this information for your admission process.

Our pre-admission patient administrator can facilitate the request to your medical scheme for authorisation of your hospitalisation, or guide you on how to obtain authorisation for your hospital admission from your medical scheme.

As member of a medical scheme it is important to remember that it is your responsibility to ensure the following:

  • You are aware of your benefits, co-payments, limits, exclusions and waiting periods
  • You understand which items and procedures will not be covered by your medical scheme
  • You are familiar with the amount available in your savings benefit
  • You know of any preferred or designated service provider agreements and how it will affect the cover provided by your medical scheme if you choose to use the services of non-designated service providers
  • You are a valid member and all your premiums are up to date

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the rules of your medical scheme when obtaining pre-authorisation for your admission to hospital. Please confirm with your medical scheme whether any levies, co-payments or exclusions may apply, and whether there are any aspects of your treatment for which you personally will be liable for payment.

The hospitalisation costs for patients who belong to medical schemes are charged in accordance with Netcare tariffs. These tariffs are negotiated on an annual basis with the respective registered schemes. The hospital account is normally sent directly to the medical aid scheme for payment. You as member, however, remain responsible for this account, especially in cases where medical schemes fail to pay the account or only partially settle the account. Our pre-admission patient administrator will also advise you on the financial considerations with regard to your procedure and/or treatment.

Please ask our pre-admission staff for any assistance you may require, or access our online pre-admission portal for further information. Your cooperation in terms of obtaining authorisation and clarifying co-payment terms will ensure a quicker and more efficient admission process.

Private patient procedure

We recommended that private patients follow our pre-admission procedure which will enable a smooth admission process.

Netcare offers affordable quality healthcare, and is committed to the objectives of the 'Triple Aim', which combines cost-effective and patient-centred care with the best clinical outcomes. Netcare bills private patients on a fee for service basis and this only includes hospital related services. It is important for you to note that all other services rendered, inter alia by doctors, pathologists, radiologists, and any other service providers such as physiotherapists, will be billed independently by the service providers.

Private patients need to discuss the total estimated cost of their planned hospital stay with their admitting doctor as well as the Netcare patient administration department of the hospital to which they will be admitted, prior to their admission.

An estimated cost will be calculated for the procedure (where relevant) and hospital stay. A pre-payment covering the estimated cost will be required before admission. It is important to note that the estimated amount is not a fixed or final quote as there may be variables billed against the hospitalisation that will influence the final amount. Should your account exceed the estimated amount during your hospital stay, you may be required to make further interim payments. If the pre-payment is more than the final hospital bill, you will be refunded.

Click here for information on our tariffs for private patients.

International patient procedure

At Netcare we understand that seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be a stressful experience.

Throughout our website, you will find information about our specialties, doctors, and hospitals. Should you be considering a Netcare hospital as your destination of choice for medical care, take the time to discover our technologies, competencies, services, and facilities we offer.

In case you are interested in a hospital offering a certain specialisation but are unsure if your choice, we invite you to get in touch with us for more guidance. You will find our contact details on the Contact us page on this website. The patient administrators at our Netcare hospitals will do their utmost to ensure that you will feel at home during your hospitalisation.

Netcare offers affordable quality healthcare, and is committed to the objectives of the 'Triple Aim', which combines cost-effective and patient-centred care with the best clinical outcomes. Netcare bills international patients on a fee for service basis and this only includes hospital related services. All other services rendered, inter alia by doctors, pathologists, radiologists, and any other service providers such as physiotherapists, will be billed independently by the service providers.

Click here for information on our tariffs for private patients.

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