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We appreciate your interest in Netcare Linkwood Hospital and will strive to make your stay an unforgettable experience, together with providing family centered maternity care. The staff and midwives at our facility are passionate about the birthing of babies and the development of families. Although the unit is a home away from home, the well-being and safety of mothers and babies is our first priority.

The maternity unit consists of eight private rooms, which all have en suite bathrooms for water births. You are welcome to view the facilities at any time. We do however, suggest that you phone in advance to ensure that there are rooms available to view.

You are able to have the kind of birth that you want at Netcare Linkwood Hospital, from a water birth to a caesarean section. We have both midwives and obstetricians, who practice at the hospital.

If you decide to birth with a midwife, you will have your regular consultations with her, from about 24 weeks, until the baby is born. You will also have to see an obstetrician at least once, during this time, who will provide a back up service for the midwife, in any kind of emergency.

The midwife will usually assist you with a choice of an obstetrician. A list of the midwives and obstetricians who practice at Netcare Linkwood Hospital is available on request.

At Netcare Linkwood Hospital you are welcome to choose who you would like to be present and to support you during this special time. Your partner may room in with you in the private room and will be provided with meals. Siblings are welcome and may sleep over but must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

There is unrestricted visiting hours, but we do ask visitors to be sensitive to the mothers need for privacy and rest. In the interest of the mother and her newborn baby, all visitors including children need to be well.

The following information may be useful to you:

The Hospital Journey

Kindly complete a ?booking in? form at reception on level 1. This can be done when you come in for your 3D scan or by 28 weeks. You will need the following:

  • Your medical aid membership card;
  • Proof of identity/passport of the patient, and the principal medical aid member;
  • All X-Rays and/or blood tests 
  •  Thereafter, please complete a maternity record booklet in the maternity unit or with the patient liaison officer
  • Medical aid patients are required to pay the private room fee when booking in
  • Private patients are required to pay the full deposit on booking a bed
  • On arrival at Netcare Linkwood Hospital, your room will be allocated according to availability.

Every attempt will be made to accommodate each mother?s needs. However, occasionally there might not be a bed available and mothers will need to be birthed at another facility. You are kindly requested to contact your caregiver and the maternity unit when your labour starts, to enable the staff to assess the unit?s bed availability.

Netbaby Maternity Passport

Parents will receive the Netbaby Maternity Passport once the deposit has been paid. This entitles the mother to the following services:

Free 3D Ultrasound

  • As a pre-booked mother, you are entitled to a 3D Ultrasound (this ultrasound is not diagnostic)
  • For the best results, this needs to be done between 28 and 32 weeks. Please book your ultrasound at least 2 months in advance, in the maternity unit
  • You are requested to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the necessary booking forms and pay your deposit, if this has not already been completed
  • Please remember to bring a R+ recordable DVD with you, to tape the scan
  • If you are unable to honour your appointment, please let us know, so that we can accommodate other expectant mothers.


On weekdays a photograph will be taken of your baby, with your consent. Family and friends will be able to view your baby?s pictures on the Netcute website, www.netcare.co.za

Netbaby gift pack

This gift is given with the compliments from Netcare and its various sponsors.

In-hospital vaccination

This will be done by the Stork?s Nest staff on weekdays. If your baby is born on the weekend, please contact Stork?s Nest directly to arrange for the vaccination.

Stork?s Nest Baby Clinic ? First Well-baby Clinic Visit

Stork?s Nest offers advice on antenatal and post-natal education which includes antenatal classes, nanny classes, CPR courses, a breastfeeding support group and much more. They offer immunization for babies and toddlers, a well-baby clinic, as well as support and counselling to new parents.

For more information, please contact Stork?s Nest on 011 485 3250 ext 232 or 082 524 5611.

Mother and baby pack

There are a lot of things an expectant mother has to pack for her stay in the hospital. We have therefore made things a little easier for you.

Your private room fee includes a mother and baby pack with essential items for mother and baby. You will receive this pack on admission to the hospital for the birth of your baby. The pack contains the following items: 24 maternity pads; 28 newborn nappies; 10 linen savers; 12 breast pads; 3 maternity stretch panties; a small roll of cotton wool;  aqueous cream; Weleda wecesin powder; surgical spirits; wet wipes; Johnson and Johnson Top to Toe wash; Vaseline and Bepanthen; all packed in a high quality bag.


Netcare Linkwood Hospital has a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all nursing staff. Our staff are trained with the necessary skills to implement this policy. We provide all our mothers with information about breastfeeding support groups or consultants, should it be necessary.

We inform all our mothers about the benefits and management of breastfeeding and we also help them initiate breastfeeding within half an hour of birth, provided that the health of the mother and baby are satisfactory.

Our mothers and babies remain together 24 hours a day from birth, unless they are separated due to illness. We encourage natural frequent breastfeeding and on demand.
Our newborns are not given any milk substitutes unless we have received written consent from the parent.

We respect all mothers choices should they decide not to breastfeed and will provide them with the necessary education on feeding her newborn.


  • We recommend that every newborn baby be assessed by a paediatrician within the first twenty four hours after birth
  • In the event of any complications during labour and birth, or for a caesarean birth, a paediatrician will automatically be called to attend to the baby
  • Private patients: Please note that the paediatrician?s fee is payable when booking your bed (refer to the attached fee structure)
  • A list of paediatricians who practice at Netcare Linkwood Hospital is available on request.


Netcare Linkwood Hospital has an 8-bedded state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The unit is equipped to deal with neonatal complications that may arise. Neonatally trained staff work together with paediatricians to ensure quality care for your newborn. Parents are encouraged to be involved with the care of their newborns, whenever possible.

Non Stress Test (NST)

The most frequent reason for having a NST is concern about the baby?s movement and wellbeing and will be requested by the medical practitioner.

A NST involves the following:

  • It will be done on recommendation of the practitioner and the first NST will be free of charge
  • The mother will be monitored for 15 ? 30 minutes in the maternity unit
  • The monitoring is electronic, and two external belts are placed around the mother?s abdomen. One belt secures a Doppler head to pick up the foetal heart and the other secures a pressure transducer to pick up uterine activity. These measurements are recorded and printed on a graph
  • A hand held monitor will record foetal movement.

Hearing Screening

A qualified audiologist will call on you in the maternity unit and discuss the benefits of hearing screening for newborns. Testing is non-invasive and is done after 24 hours of birth.

Awareness about Vitamin K

All parents will be asked to sign consent, for the administration of Vitamin K to their newborn baby. We therefore encourage you to be aware of the benefits of Vitamin K before the birth so that you are able to make an informed decision.

The purpose of giving Vitamin K is to increase the clotting factors for a newborn.

Medical aid patients

Medical aid patients will be charged according to the Netcare scale of benefits as negotiated with your medical aid.


Mom?s bag

  • energy drinks (Energade, Powerade, Lucozade, herbal tea with honey)
  • snack bars
  • glucose or boiled sweets
  • water spray (to refresh yourself during labour)
  • music ? CD player and CD?s
  • massage oils or powder
  • aromatherapy oils
  • bath sheet towels (try a dark colour, 2 or 3 for water births)
  • toiletries
  • crop top
  • 2 or 3 long roomy t-shirts to labour in
  • list of family and friends phone numbers
  • own pillows (e.g. Continentals, if preferred)
  • camera

Baby?s bag

  • 6 changes of clothes (vests, baby grows, socks, caps, etc)
  • 3 receiving blankets (plus a warm one in winter)
  • bath towel

Dad?s bag

  • change of clothes for 2 days
  • toiletries
  • bath towels
  • snack pack (energy drinks and snacks)
  • champagne


We strongly advise that cellular telephones, jewellery, valuables, money, credit cards and contact lenses be left at home or given to a relative for safe-keeping. Only a small amount of money should be kept in your room. Although we endeavour to prevent the loss of valuables, we cannot be held responsible for losses that may occur during your stay with us.

No firearms are allowed on the premises and must be handed in at the Netcare Linksfield Hospital security office for safekeeping. Please note it is not advisable to use cellular telephones in the passages. This may disturb other patients, and could interfere with certain electronic equipment used in the ward and/or theatre.


Should you have any questions or queries, please speak to the sister in charge of the unit. Alternatively, do not hesitate to speak to our Patient Liaison Officer who may be contacted via Reception.


All Netcare hospitals subscribe to the highest level of cleanliness. Rooms will be cleaned and bed linen, towels changed on a daily basis by a specialised outsourced cleaning company. Should you require any additional blankets, duvets or pillows, please speak to the Ward Secretary or any Netcare staff member.


We take pride in serving a variety of freshly cooked meals on sound nutritional principals. We realise that a wholesome, healthy diet plays a fundamental role in your recuperation process and we strive to provide meals for all dietary requirements. This includes the provision of kosher, halaal or vegetarian meals.

In addition, personal taste and appetites may differ in terms of food preferences and catering portions. We cater for small, medium and hearty appetites and are able to prepare specific diets as prescribed by your doctor. A dietician is available to assist you with any queries you may have, and our highly skilled catering team will make every effort to ensure that your dietary requests are met.

Each morning a daily menu choice will be provided to you in your room. This allows you to choose from a healthy, light option to a traditional, more substantial meal. Kindly direct any requests regarding your dietary needs to the hostess who will take your meal order.

Kosher and halaal meals can be arranged on admission and are supplied by an external supplier. Orders for these meals need to be placed by 09:00 with the Ward Secretary or hostess taking your meal order.


In the interest of health and safety, pets will not be allowed in the clinic, with the exception of guide dogs.


We respect your right to privacy and, as a result, do not disclose any information regarding your health or the health of your baby to any external parties. Patient records are also confidential. Please discuss this with your immediate family to ensure that they pass on any relevant information to friends or colleagues.


All hospitals in the Netcare group have adopted a clean-air policy and smoking is only permitted in clearly demarcated areas. The entrance to our clinic has also been declared a smoke free area. Please enquire about the designated smoking areas with a staff member in the unit, or the Ward Secretary.


Once your doctor has confirmed your discharge, please do not leave the clinic until all the necessary documents have been signed. In addition, please collect your ward medication and X-rays from the nursing staff. ?Discharge medication? should be collected from the pharmacy at Netcare Linksfield Hospital. Please hand your ?discharge card? in at the main reception.


A fees schedule is available on request.


Compliments and Service Feedback

Your feedback on the level of care and service you have received in our facility is very important to us. It assists us with the on-going evaluation and improvement of the services we provide. Feel free to contact our customer service centre on 0860 638 2273.


We are committed to the safety of our patients, doctors and staff, as well as the safety of visitors. Clearly visible security personnel and CCTV?s are situated at strategic positions throughout the hospital and hospital grounds, particularly in parking areas. However, Netcare and the management of the individual hospitals cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage that may occur to vehicles parked on the premises.

Visit by religious leaders

You are kindly requested to notify the unit manager as soon as you are admitted at Netcare Linkwood Hospital should you wish NOT TO be visited by a religious leader or a member of your faith. If we are not timeously informed of your preference for privacy while in hospital, we will let all religious leaders in the area have the names of patients who belong to their particular faith denomination.

Electricity load shedding

We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to electricity load shedding by Eskom. We will try our utmost to limit the inconvenience and to make your stay at Netcare Linkwood Hosptial as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Risk management

Netcare Linkwood Hospital is not liable for any injury, harm or loss incurred during religious practices. In the interest of risk management at our hospital, you are requested to adhere to:

* Placement of religious artifacts should only be done in consultation with medical personnel, to prevent inadvertent injury to the patient
* The lighting of candles is strictly prohibited due to the risk of explosions or fire in the potential presence of flammable gases. Please discuss any specific preferences with the unit manager.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is located opposite reception at Netcare Linksfield Hospital. They offer a tasty range of light snacks, drinks and confectionery, together with a range of newspapers and magazines. Snacks and drinks can either be served in the coffee shop, or delivered to the maternity unit.

Pharmacy services

The 24-hour pharmacy at Netcare Linksfield Hospital can provide patients with all their in-hospital and discharge pharmaceutical needs. The Retail Pharmacy is convenient for any purchases of gifts or toiletries and their business hours are 08:00 ? 17:00. Please feel free to make use of our pharmacy for your on-going pharmaceutical needs.

Beauty Clinic

The Beauty Clinic is located in the Linksfield Park Retail Pharmacy and offers a wide variety of treatments and massages. These treatments can be done in your room. Vouchers can also be purchased.

Netcare 911

A Netcare 911 base is located at Netcare Linksfield Hospital and paramedics serve the community where emergency assistance is required.


  • Account Enquiries 011 647 3427/32/32/33/34
  • Advanced Wound Clinic 011 647 3692
  • Ampath Laboratories 011 485 3780
  • Beauty Clinic 011 647 3932
  • Emergency Department 011 647 3460
  • Lancet Laboratories 011 640 9310
  • Linksfield Mammography 011 640 7637
  • Management 011 647 3454
  • National Renal Care 011 647 3525
  • Netcare 911 082 911
  • Netcare Customer Services Call Centre 0860 638 2273
  • Netcare Travel Clinic 011 647 3654
  • Patient Liaison Officer 011 647 3786
  • Pharmacy 011 647 4488
  • Pharmacy Customer Care 072 430 7524
  • Pre-Admission Clinic 011 647 3616
  • Retail Pharmacy 011 647 3606/7
  • Sports and Rehabilitation Centre 011 647 3737
  • Stork?s Nest 011 485 3250/082 524 5611
  • X-Ray Department 011 640 7612




Contact Details


24 12th Avenue,
Linksfield West,

Tel: +27 (0)11 647 3400
Fax: +27 (0)11 640 3576


P O Box 46337,
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Tel: +27 (0)11 647 3758

Hospital Management

Hospital General Manager
Linda Bossert
011 647 3453

Financial Manager:
Gert van Wyk
011 647 3449

Human Resources Manager
Mandy Wilkinson
011 647 3451

Marketing Manager:
Rozanne Jansen van Rensburg
011 647 3445

Pharmacy Manager
Hanlie Geertsema
011 647 3598

Technical Manager
Jayesh Makan
011 647 3582