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Netcare Femina Hospital

Facilities and Services
Situated in the heart of Pretoria, Netcare Femina Hospital is a Centre of Medical Excellence that focuses primarily on the needs of women and their children. A comprehensive range of medical services is offered, ranging from one-day procedures to highly-advanced surgery and treatment. State of the art equipment is standard throughout the facility Every effort is made to address the physical and emotional needs of patients, endeavoring to meet our client's expectations as far as possible.

Areas of medical expertise include the following:

Fetal Medicine Centre

Fetal Medicine Centre

First and second trimester screening and other level 3 sonars, as well as fetal diagnostic procedures, including fetal therapy are offered.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

All rooms are private rooms with on-suite facilities without any additional cost for overnight clients. Family rooms are also available as per arrangement prior to admission, for the live partner to stay in with patient at an additional cost not covered by medical aid.

Ante-Natal Unit: Newly upgraded, state of the art unit for patients that require long term hospitalization during their pregnancy.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: 22 bed state of the art unit with a dedicated medical team that specialize in micro-premature neonates.

Gynaecological Oncology: Familial Cancer Centre specialise in dealing with cancer in a multi disciplinary team approach. Centre is a establish as a partnership between the University of Pretoria and Femina Hospital.

Uro-gynaecology: Educate and treat patients with incontinence. Uro-dynamic studies, determining the extend of the problem, are offered on a out-patient basis.

General Surgery: The Breast Clinic form an integral part of this specific discipline. Specialise in the medical and surgical treatment as well as support to patients diagnose with breast cancer.

Fertility and In Vitro Laboratory: Assist couples with infertility problems.Mammography


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Procedures under conscious sedation are offered.

Ear Nose and Throat Surgery


Specializing in Mammograms and Bone Density.

Ampath and Lancet services available


Other Services

Providing Well Baby Clinic & Immunization, Ante-Natal classes, Nanny classes, Reflexology etc

Active Birth Unit:
Private Midwifes working in closes relationship with Gynecologist and offer an alternative birthing experience such as water births in a homely environment to clients.

Maternity Tours:
Offered on a weekly basis. Appointments can be booked at (012) 304 1700

Maternity Passport:
Form part of delivery administration process that can be done from 24 weeks pregnancy (Includes 4D Sonar). Contact (012)-304 1700 or visit the Hospital Reception for more information.

Baby Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) Registration:
DoHA has an office on site at Femina open from 08h00 until 05h30 during week days.

A birth certificate for your baby is issued immediately if all information as required is provided and correct

Pre-Admission Clinic:
To ensure a speedy admission process on day of admission, pre-admission needs to be done before day of admission. Please visit Reception or contact Clinic at (012) 304 1762 as soon as your doctor agrees to a procedure or admission.

Coffee Shop: Business Hours: 07:00 until 17:45

Retail Pharmacy:
The retail pharmacy offer equal service at equal rates for prescriptions as the competitors.

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday: 07:30 until 17:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 09:00until 12:00

Milestones and Awards

An upgraded, top of the range Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 22 beds to care for premature babies and babies with special needs The hospital has also recently upgraded the paediatric ward to a modern ward with top of the art equipment and quality patient care


460 Belvedere Street
Tel: +27 (0)12 304 1700
Fax: +27 (0)12 326 2714


PO Box 56215


Tel: +27 (0)12 304 1703


General Hospital Manager:
Joey Breedt
012 304 1766

Nursing Manager:
Greta Jones
012 304 1702

Financial Manager:
Daniel Muller
012 304 1835

Human Resources Manager:
Reyhana Saint
012 304 1854

Pharmacy Manager:
Lourine Hamilton
012 304 1706

Credit Control Manager:
Tariff Inquiries and Quotations
Annie Holder
012 304 1796


Hospital customer care team
Central customer service centre