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Netcare Linksfield Hospital

Netcare Linksfield Hospital

Facilities and Services
The Netcare Linksfield Hospital opened its doors in 1991. It has 263 beds and has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading Medical Oncology Centres of Excellence. The hospital also provides a highly-specialised Neuro Spinal Unit catering for the exacting needs of patients requiring Neurological, Neuro Surgical and Spinal Surgery procedures. The Orthopaedic Unit at the hospital caters for a wide spectrum of sports injuries offering related treatment options.


Angiography & Interventional Radiology


Emergency medicine
The 24-hour Emergency Department has a complete level 3 ED Unit and that’s equipped to handle most medical emergencies. The Department is staffed by highly-trained medical and emergency personnel on a 24-hour basis. Should referral to a specialist prove necessary, a full spectrum of practitioners is available.

ENT Surgery
The hospital has an Audiology Institute and is supported by qualified Audiologists who assess and treat all hearing disorders. Dealing with cochlear and general ENT.

The Gastro Enterologists are supported by a large pool of General Surgeons specialising in Colonoscopies, Gastroscopies, ERCP’s and related services.

General Surgery
Special interest include breast and liver surgery

Oncology included

Internal medicine
Nephrology, with National Renal Care
Pulmonology (adult & paediatric)

Maxillo- facial surgery

With special interest that include; Dementia, Movement disorders and Neuromuscular disorders

The highly-specialised Neuro Spinal Unit catering to the exacting needs of patients requiring Neurological, Neuro Surgical and Spinal Surgery procedures. All of which are undertaken in the Laminar Flow Theatres. Specialists who form part of this Unit include Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons as well as Orthopaedic Surgeons specialising in spinal surgery procedures. The Unit offers treatment ranging from conservative, bed rest, traction through to spinal fusion as well as conventional and prosthetic disc replacement surgery.

The unit caters to a wide spectrum of sports injuries offering related treatment options. These include Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repairs, knee and shoulder Arthroscopies, as well as all major joint replacement surgery. Specialist care in Bone Sepsis.

Paediatric surgery

Ampath and Lancet

Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Cosmetic Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery, Lower Limb Reconstruction, Microsurgery, Upper Limb.


Diagnostic Radiological Services Inc.

Brachy Therapy, GreenLight Laser for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Vascular surgery

Updated Specialist List
Please contact our Marketing Department.

C&N Sleeplab & Neuro-Testing Clinic
Diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of sleep disorders. Neuro-diagnostic studies include; Electro-encephalography (EEG) brainfunction; Nerve Conduction studies (NCS & EMG); Evoked Potentials(auditory/visual/peripheral nerve function).
Tel: 011 647 3511

Other Services

  • Coffee shop (located on Level 2 opposite the main reception, serving a range of light meals and snacks as well as sweets, magazines and newspapers)
  • 24-hour pharmacy
  • Retail pharmacy (gifts available)
  • Beauty Clinic (gift vouchers available)
  • Cochlear implant programme
  • Stork’s Nest in the Ladybird Corner
  • Wound Care Clinic (offering advice, guidance and counselling of wound care and post-operative care)
  • Pre-Admission Clinic
  • Obesity Clinic

Our doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapist and other medical support services need time to take care of the patients at Netcare Linksfield Hospital and give them undivided attention to ensure the best medical care. This is an important time for us to do ward rounds, physiotherapy sessions, wound dressing etc. Therefore we respectfully request that visitors adhere to the open visiting as set out below.

All wards, ICU and High Care have open visiting hours between 11h00 – 12h00 / 15h00 – 16h00 / 19h30 – 20h30 Monday to Friday and 14h30 – 16h30 / 19h30 – 20h30 on Saturday and Sunday and Public Holidays. Two visitors per bed at a time and no children under the age of 12 years old allowed. You are welcome to visit during this time. Special arrangements will be made for terminally ill patients

Although we endeavour to prevent the loss of valuables, we cannot be held responsible
for losses that may occur during your stay with us.
No firearms are allowed on the premises and must be handed in at the security office
at Netcare Linksfield Hospital for safekeeping.

A fees schedule is available on request.
Medical Aid patients
All medical aid patients will be charged according to the Netcare scale of benefits
as negotiated with their medical aids. Medical aid patients unfortunately cannot be
admitted without an authorisation number. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain
an authorisation number from the medical aid, prior to admission, and to provide the hospital with the number.

Please note that the prices quoted by the hospital are solely for the use of the hospital
facilities. These prices do not include all the various doctor’s costs. You will receive an
account from each individual service provider. Quotes will be on medical aid rates.

A dietician is available to assist you with any queries you may have, and our highly
skilled catering team will make every effort to ensure that your dietary requests are
met. Each morning a daily menu will be provided to you in your room. This allows you to
choose from a healthy, light option to a traditional, more substantial meal. Kindly direct
any requests regarding your dietary needs to the hostess who will take your meal order.
Kosher and halaal meals can be arranged on admission and are supplied by an external
supplier. Orders for these meals need to be placed by 09h00 with the Ward Secretary
or hostess taking your meal order.

In the interest of health and safety, pets will not be allowed in the hospital, with the
exception of guide dogs.

We respect your right to privacy and as a result, do not disclose any information
regarding your health or the health of your baby. Patient records are confidential.
Please discuss this with your immediate family to ensure that they pass on any relevant
information to friends or colleagues.

The hospitals in the Netcare group have adopted a clean-air policy and smoking is only
permitted in clearly demarcated areas. The entrance to our hospital has also been
declared a smoke free area. Please enquire about the designated smoking areas with any staff
member in the unit, or the Ward Secretary.

Once your doctor has confirmed your discharge, please do not leave the hospital
until all the necessary documents have been signed. “Discharge medication” can be
collected from the pharmacy at Netcare Linksfield Hospital.

Milestones and Awards

Netcare Linksfield Hospital was voted Best Private Hospital for 2006 by the readers of The Star. The hospital also received a Netcare Merit Award in 2002.


24 12th Avenue
Linksfield West
Tel: +27 (0)11 647 3400
Fax: +27 (0)11 640 3576
P O Box 46337
Orange Grove
Mon - Fri
11H00 – 12H00
15H00 – 16H00
19H30 – 20H30

Sat, Sun and Public Holidays:
14h30 - 16h30
19h30 - 20h30


Tel: +27 (0)11 647 3758


Hospital General Manager

Nursing Manager
Edel Cutler
011 647 3452

Financial Manager

Human Resources Manager
Mandy du Bois
011 647 3451

Pharmacy Manager
Denise Verweerd
Pharmacy Manager
011 647 3598

Technical Services Manager
Sidney Blom
011 647 3582


Hospital customer care team
Central customer service centre

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