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Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital

Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital

Facilities and Services
Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital provides specialised multi-disciplinary medical services to communities in the South Western Gauteng and North West Province, and facilitates accommodation for the families of patients from afar.

The hospital's services include an accredited trauma unit, operated by a team of trauma consultants who are on 24-hours standby. Emergency medical services provider Netcare 911 has a base on the premises and the hospital is in direct electronic contact with the local emergency services call centre.

Emphasis is placed on both the physical and emotional well-being of patients, with doctors and staff consistently providing the highest quality care and service required for an optimal outcome.

As an accredited training facility, Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital offers comprehensive internship and continued professional development support to both bursing students and staff.

In the News:
Breastfeeding support group

Cardio-Thoracic Unit
The Cardio-Thoracic Unit comprises of an 11 bed Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Unit, one specialized open-heart operating theatre and one catheterization laboratory. The highly skilled and experienced medical specialists and nurses perform a variety of procedures, ranging from simple diagnostic to complicated interventional procedures in the modern catheterization laboratory with highly specialised equipment. The cardiothoracic surgeons perform heart bypass, valve replacements and lung or thoracic operations daily. For example, approximately 20% of all the heart catheterisations are referred for open-heart surgery and the cardiothoracic surgeons perform heart bypass, valve replacements and lung operations daily. The astonishing success of the Heart Unit and its high percentage of bed occupancy can be attributed to the world-class surgeons (including three cardiologists and three cardiothoracic surgeons), as well as excellent specialised care by nursing personnel and other support services. A patient rehabilitation programme which consists of support and information to patients and their families as well as an exercise programme presented by physiotherapists.




Emergency medicine
The Emergency Department is fully equipped to handle all traumas, accidents as well as general emergencies. Facilities include a spacious state of the art resuscitation room, specialised treatment room, plaster room and radiography room. In addition, the unit provides a 24-hour out patient clinic. The Unit is staffed by a specialised, multi disciplinary trauma team who are able to provide complete medical, coronary and surgical care for every eventuality. The unit works closely with highly skilled Netcare 911 paramedics and is in direct contact with the local 10111 emergency call centre.

Ear, Nose and Throat surgery
The ear, nose and throat unit performs routine ENT medicine and surgery in all areas of the discipline. In addition, we are also able to offer patients state-of-the-art laser surgery.

General Surgery
Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital has installed two digital operating rooms, or DOR and is one of the first hospitals in South Africa to utilize this groundbreaking technology. Procedures carried out in DORs typically involve the use of a laparoscope and video camera during surgical procedures. Patients benefit by having minimally invasive procedures made possible through this technology.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics
Stork's Nest, maternity passport, 4D ultra sound, ante and post natal care. Pelvic Dysfunction.

Internal medicine
Centre of Diabetes, and Endocrinology, Asthma Clinic

Maxillo- facial surgery
Among the treatments available to patients at Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital are cosmetic facial bone enhancements, facial reconstruction arising from facial trauma, and dental implants.


Neuro Surgeons specialise in all surgical brain and spinal conditions. The Neuro theatre is also equipped with a Virtual Fluoroscopy System, enabling virtual navigation during the operation and with significant reduction in radiation exposure to the patient and staff.

Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine is a specialty that uses very small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose or treat diseases and other abnormalities within the body. The imaging procedures are noninvasive and usually painless. Tests can be performed on an out-patient basis as well as on hospitalised patients.



Orthopaedic Surgery
A highly skilled team of orthopaedic surgeons performs the entire spectrum of hand, back and neck, shoulder, hip, knee, and foot surgery. This includes joint replacement surgery in both adults and paediatric patients. In conjunction with neurosurgeons, spinal disc surgery and fusion, with or without internal fixation, are also preformed. All post operative patients are offered a program of expertly managed rehabilitation therapy as soon as possible following the surgical procedure. There is also a strong focus on the treatment of sport injuries.

Obstetrics Unit
The Hospital's obstetrics unit provides total Mother and Baby care. Comprehensive obstetric services are offered, addressing ante-natal care. The obstetrics unit has three pre-delivery rooms, 2 delivery rooms and a fully equipped theatre for caesarian sections. The maternity ward is ultra-modern providing home-from-home comfort for mothers as well as rooming-in options for mothers and fathers should their baby need to stay in hospital.

Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital,s high technology Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped to deal with every neonatal condition and highly trained nursing staff are supported by Paediatricians. The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital treats children with a range of conditions.

Plastic - and reconstructive surgery


Mammography, bone density, CT Scanner and MRI tests

The latest techniques of lithotripsy and lasertripsy are employed in the management of kidney stones. With a particular interest and expertise in the fields of stress urinary incontinence, specialist surgeons are able to undertake reconstructive surgery and treatment. Male sexual dysfunction and prostate disease are among other medical conditions that can be treated including Brachytherapy implants for prostate carcinoma.

Thoracic/Vascular surgery

Nuclear Medicine

Other Services

Ancillary Services

Independent pathology laboratories are represented within the hospital. A qualified clinical pathologist is available on a 24-hour basis to provide test results and logistical support for laboratory tests.

Radiology / X-ray:
All aspects of radiology are provided including general investigations, theatre and bedside unit procedure, sophisticated imaging facilities include CT; MRI-scanning, Mammography; Ultrasounds.

The Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital provides a qualified dietician who can advise and explain the necessity for special diets, particularly those that have been prescribed to patients.

Blood Conservation Programme
Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital implemented a blood conservation programme aimed at minimising the use of donor blood. For more information on how to make use of this facility, call Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital's Blood Conservation Co-ordinator on 011 951 0200.

Chest Pain Clinic
The Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital Chest Pain Clinic is equipped for quick identification of a specific patient's problem. It provides a fast diagnosis in a carefully monitored setting. The Chest Pain Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and not only symptomatic relief. Investigations are carried out to determine both the cause and the effects of heart disease, and to provide effective management of both aspects. The Chest Pain Clinic can be contacted on 011 951 0299.

Specialised Units for Diabetes and Endocrinology
The Specialised Units for Diabetes and Endocrinology take a holistic approach to the treatment of diabetes. Physicians and diabetes experts will provide you with the latest technology, research, treatment and diabetes education. Additional services provided by the units include:

Consultation by a doctor, trained in diabetes management

Diabetes education by a trained diabetic educator

Dietician consultation

Podiatrist consultation

Laboratory investigations for diabetic monitoring

Eye screening with an ophthalmologist

All diabetic medication, including tablets, Insulin, needles, syringes (or pens), testing strips, and a blood glucose meter.
Dr C de Hoog - Diabetic Clinic: 011 953 1120
Dr L Dickson - Diabetic Clinic: 011 660-8887

Specialised Unit for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) is a major healthcare problem in adult women. 90% will at some stage of their lives experience symptoms thereof as a consequence of life events such as childbirth, hysterectomy and menopause. Among the clinical conditions that may be a consequence of PFD; are urinary/faecal incontinence and uterine/vaginal prolapse.

The Specialised Unit for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction provides treatment for PFD which might include medication; physiotherapy and surgery, for more information contact the Specialised Unit for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction on 011 660 4524 or 011 951 0574.

Pre-Admission Clinic
After consultation with your doctor, all patients who are required to be admitted to hospital should report to the pre-admission clinic a day before admission. Alternatively visit www.netcare.co.za for our on-line pre-admission. The benefit of this service is that all relevant information is available on the day the patient is admitted, which allows for the admission process to run smoothly and also assists the patient to familiarise themselves with the hospital environment.

Rehabilitation Centre
The Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital Rehabilitation Centre offers the following services:

Biokinetics: a scientifically-based exercise programme formulated to assist with the management and rehabilitation of a variety of medical conditions and post-operative surgery.

Physiotherapy: the use of any physical agent to treat disease, injury or disability. The primary goal is to help the patient return to independent activities of daily living, and lead a constructive and active life after illness, injury or disability.

Occupational Therapy: to rehabilitate the patient physically, functionally and psycho-socially towards a pain free, motivated and adapted participation in life as well as to interpret the patient's condition in functional terms within the context of his/her job and to facilitate an accelerated return to work.

Medical Orthotists and Prosthetists: medicine and engineering concerned with the design, production and fitting of prosthetic devices.

The Rehabilitation Centre can be contacted on 011 951 0531.

Stem cells (Netcells)
Netcell Therapeutics is the leading provider of newborn stem cell storage. Once collected from the umbilical cord at birth, these cells are frozen and stored for 25 years. In the case of a life-threatening and/or debilitating illness, these stem cells can possibly be used in a transplant to treat your child or close relatives. For more information regarding Stemcells contact 0861 NETCELLS or visit www.netcells.co.za.

Stork's Nest:
Supporting the Obstetrics Unit and our mothers with new born babies is the Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital Stork's Nest facility. This facility offers a variety of services including 3D/4D sonar, well baby clinic, immunization, breastfeeding consultations, birth registrations and pre-natal classes. For more information, contact 011 951 0707/8.

Socialised Services

An in-house pharmacy and retail dispensary caters for all pharmacological and dispensing requirements. The pharmacy trading hours are 08:00-22:00, Monday-Sunday and Public Holidays. Retail hours are 8:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 20:00 Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays.

Pre-admission clinic
Blood Conservation Programme
Biokinetics Centre
Wound Management Clinic
Netcafe Coffee shop
Trading Hours: 08:00 - 20:00

310 Beds

Cardio-Thoracic Unit comprising of:
11 Bed Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Unit
Cardio Catheterisation Laboratory
1 Dedicated Cardio-Thoracic Theatre
24-Hour Chest Pain Clinic

6 Bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit

9 Bed Medical Intensive Care Unit

10 Bed Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

9 Operating Theatres, including 1 Laminar Flow Theatre

Emergency Department consisting of:

24-Hour Accident and Emergency Department

Dedicated Resuscitation Area

Direct Radio Communication with Emergency Services

Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre

Specialised Units for Diabetes and Endocrinology

Asthma Clinic for Children

Blood Conservation Programme

30 Bed Maternity Unit including private wards

Stork's nest including 4D Ultrasound

Neurological and Surgical Unit

Wound Management Clinic

Radiology including:

Bone Density



MRI Scan

Stemcells (Netcells)

Pathology Laboratories

Netcare Krugersdorp Hospitals professional resident and sessional specialists provide world-class medical care in the following fields of medicine:



Cardio-Thoracic Surgery



Ear, Nose and Throat

General Surgery

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Internal Medicine

Maxillo-Facial Surgery

Nuclear Medicine


Nephrology and Renal Medicine






Orthopaedic Surgery


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery






Vascular Surgery

9 Burger Street
Tel: +27 (0) 11 951 0200
Fax: +27 (0 )11 660 1882

P.O. Box 914

11:00 - 12:00
Tel: +27 (0) 11 951 0441


Hospital General Manager
Eugene Ferreira
011 951 0408

Financial Manager
Joe van der Walt
011 951 0413

Nursing Services Manager
Ronel van der Watt
011 951 0402 ronel.vanderwatt@netcare.co.za

Human Resources Manager
Melanie Pieterse
011 951 0466

Technical Services Manager
Jeffrey Maswanganyi
011 951 0448

Pharmacy Manager
Tharina Trauernicht (Acting)
011 951 0387


Hospital customer care team
Central customer service centre




Main Switchboard
(011) 951

Pre-Admission Clinic
(011) 951 0417
(011) 951 0422

(011) 951 0441

24-hour Emergency Department
(011) 951 0299

082 911