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Netcare Ferncrest Hospital

Facilities and Services

Nestled at the foot of the Magalies Mountains, Netcare Ferncrest Hospital forms the gateway to medical care in the North West Province. Situated in Rustenburg, one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa, this hospital offers access to the latest advances in medical and surgical technology.

Dedicated doctors and staff ensure that patients receive only the highest standard of medical care at all times.

Renal Care Unit (Haemo/Peritoneal Dialysis)
For patients with kidney failure, this unit - one of only two National Renal Care Units in the North West Province provide the following services:

Acute Haemo Dialysis Programme
Chronic Haemo Dialysis Programme - we can accommodate chronic renal patients visiting the tourist attractions around Rustenburg - e.g. Sun City, Legacy Hotels , Pilansberg Nature Reserve.

Peritoneal dialysis

"Healthy Start Clinic" Pre-dialysis educational programme for patients in End Stage Renal Failure. Contact: 014 568 4201

Labour Ward

Maternity Ward
Maternity Hospital Tours:
The birth of a child should be a precious and memorable experience, choosing the most suitable facility can be an intimidating task! To assist parents in this difficult decision-making process, Netcare Ferncrest Hospital offer special Maternity Hospital Tours. This is a great opportunity for parents to view our facilities and meet our staff. Parents and their families will have the opportunity to ask questions about our full maternity service, familiarize themselves with our pleasant maternity environment and alleviate pre-conceived fears. For bookings please contact (014) 5684200

Orthopaedic Ward

Surgical Ward

Medical Surgery

Paediatric Ward.

Deep Brain Stimulation Centre (Parkinson's Disease)
Netcare Ferncrest Hospital is one of only six centres in the country where this procedure is conducted. This new technology can improve patients suffering from Parkinson's disease quality of life. Tiny electrodes are implanted in targeted structures of the brain; these electrodes are connected to a neuro-stimulator. A wireless programming device is used to adjust the electrical stimulation according to the patient's individual needs. This procedure is conducted by Dr Percy Bezuidenhout (Neuro Surgeon) and his team. Contact: 014 568 4340.

Gastro Enterology Clinic
This clinic focuses on the diagnostic testing of patients suffering from various symptoms like heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, stomach ache, continuous coughing, nausea and vomiting.Testing includes the insertion of a catheter/canule into the esophagus for different time periods to obtain readings used for proper diagnosis. Contact: 014 568 4363

Wound Care Clinic
To provide for the need of our patients and doctors, Netcare Ferncrest Hospital opened a Wound Care Clinic during 2006. The aim of this clinic is to ensure that patients benefit from continuity in the observation and treatment of their wounds. This service is available not only to hospitalized patients, but on an out patient basis as well. The latest products and techniques are used in the treatment of various types of wounds.
Contact: 014 568 4256

Stock's Nest Clinic

In addition to routine assessments of baby's growth and development, we offer:

Childbirth Education Classes:
Proper planning and preparation for the arrival of your little one, contributes to fond memories for a life time. Prospective parents receive practical guidance, the latest information and support during classes. The involvement of the multi-disciplinary team and the utilization of various education mediums ensure the highest standard. This comprehensive course is presented once a week, over a 6 week period.
Contact: 0145684200/4220

4D Ultrasound allows you to see your unborn baby
The ultrasound allows parents to see the first images of their little one, in motion! A 4D Sonar is included as one of the benefits of booking for your delivery at Netcare Ferncrest Hospital. Your sonar can be recorded either on VCR or DVD on request.
Please contact Sr Shirley Strydom on 014 5684200/4221 or

Internet Photos
To announce the arrival of your baby to family and friends, a picture and announcement can be placed on our special Netcute Baby website. This is a free Netcare service, available to all mothers who deliver at our facility.

Breastfeeding/Lactation Consultant:
As an International Accredited Consultant, Sr Shirley Strydom is certified to possess the necessary skills and academic knowledge, to provide quality breastfeeding guidance and support to breastfeeding mothers.
Please contact Sr Shirley Strydom on 014 5684200/4221 or

Baby Massage Classes:
Touch is important for the emotional and physical development and wellbeing of babies. Massage not only relaxes and soothes but also promotes physical closeness, strengthening the emotional bond between mother and baby.

Muscular co-ordination is encouraged and promotes good circulation and digestion. Research shows that massage also releases chemicals in the brain known as endorphins, which aid relaxation. Baby massage can be beneficial for babies who cry a lot, find it difficult to sleep, have colic or pre-mature babies.
Contact: 014 5684263

X-Ray Facilities
(Including MR/CAT Scans, Mammograms)

Coffee Shop

Other Services

The hospital's retail pharmacy is contracted to most medical schemes providing an in-house dispensary service, as well as a retail service to the community.
Operating hours are:

  • Mon to Thur: 07H30 19H00
  • Fri: 07h30 17h00
  • Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 09H00 - 13H00
  • Contact: 014 568 4267
Milestones and Awards

19 January 2008 - Deep Brain Simulation; nine-hour operation, implanting electrodes in targeted structures of the brain to improve patient with Parkinson's Disease quality of life. Netcare Ferncrest is one of only six centres in South Africa where this surgery is performed. Operation conducted by Dr Percy Bezuidenhout (resident Neurosurgeon) and his team.

2006 - Vermond Oxford Neonatal Monitoring System installed in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. With this system in place Netcare Ferncrest can benchmark itself against the best medical institutions world wide.

7 February 2005 - First "mobidisc" implantation (spinal surgery) in South Africa performed at Netcare Ferncrest Hospital. Performed by resident Neurosurgeon, Dr Percy Bezuidenhout.

12 November 2004 - First hospital in the North West Province to perform an Aortic Valve Replacement. Operation conducted by resident Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr Isaiah Kekana and his team.

2004 - Won award for "Best Netcare Hospital" in the Pretoria Region.


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