Grief and loss

Experiencing a loss can be an intensely painful and devastating experience that may feel unreal. If you don’t receive the care and support necessary to process your loss, you might see a negative impact in other areas of your life.

More about grief and loss

When we think about grief, we tend to think of death and the mourning that comes with bereavement. But it is not only the passing of a loved one that leads to feelings of loss.

People can also experience grief in other contexts, like a relationship ending or losing a job or possessions such as one’s house as a result of financial difficulties.

While it is not classified as a mental health disorder in itself, if the emotional effects of your grief and loss are not managed, they can lead to other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

What to keep in mind

Grief and bereavement are experienced differently by everyone, but understanding some common aspects that may help you to eventually cope better with loss.

Recognising symptoms

Signs and symptoms of grief and loss

Following a loss, experiencing these signs is normal. However, if any of these emotions feel overwhelming or persist for a long time, seeking professional help is a wise option.

After a sudden loss, you may experience the following:

  • Shock symptoms such as shaking, inability to move, stomach aches and headaches, exhaustion, and feeling on edge. These will usually pass after a few days; if they don’t, one should seek professional assistance

  • Insomnia and nightmares

  • Feeling alone and that no one understands you and what you are going through

  • Anger and regret

  • Feelings of sadness, desperation, and loneliness

  • Appetite and energy changes

  • Feelings of guilt and anger

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Treatment programme for grief and loss

If you have experienced a loss, finding your way back to functioning optimally in your daily life may feel almost impossible. It’s normal to feel detached, overwhelmed, and at a loss when it comes to even basic social interactions. However, with care and support, it is possible to process the loss, manage your emotional symptoms, and find a way to cope and move on as best you can.

The Netcare Akeso general psychiatry programme can help you with this. As part of the programme you will learn new skills that can be practically implemented in your life and help you to heal.

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