and psychotic

Psychotic disorders, or psychoses, are characterised by a disconnection from reality. This disconnect can be caused by a mental health disorder such as schizophrenia, but it could also be caused by a medical condition.

Recognising symptoms

Signs and symptoms of psychotic disorders

Psychosis is a combination of symptoms that result in the sufferer experiencing an impaired relationship with reality.

  • Delusions are fixed beliefs that remain in place even when conflicting evidence is available

  • Hallucinations are vivid and clear perception like experiences (seeing, hearing, touching etc.) that do not have an external stimulus or cause

  • Disorganised thinking, is often seen in disorganised speech including speech that is incomprehensible, rapid switching between topics, and answers that are unrelated to the question

  • Disorganised or abnormal motor behaviour including unpredictable agitation or significantly decreased reactivity to their environment

More about psychotic disorders

Some kinds of psychosis are brought on by specific conditions or circumstances. Brief psychotic disorder, for example, can happen during periods of extreme personal stress like the death of a family member. Someone experiencing brief reactive psychosis will generally recover in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the source of the stress.

Psychosis can sometimes be triggered by the use of alcohol or drugs, and it can also be brought on by head trauma, illness, or injury.

What to keep in mind

For a diagnosis to be made, symptoms need to last for specific periods of time and have a severe impact on functioning. The person experiencing this condition is often unaware of their behaviour.

Types of psychotic disorders

Different types of psychotic disorders include:

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Treatment programme for psychotic disorders

Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders are some of the mental health disorders that are treated through the general psychiatry programme at Netcare Akeso mental health facilities.

You will experience the care of a skilled multidisciplinary team who can help you to better manage your mental health. Through different therapeutic activities, including groups and individual therapy, and a strong focus on building skills, this programme can help you to improve your daily functioning.

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