Eating disorders

This specialised programme provides treatment for eating disorders through the care of experienced professionals. It aims to help you achieve weight stabilisation, normalise your eating patterns, and also works on your attitude towards food, body image beliefs, and eating behaviours.

Who will benefit from this programme?

Eating disorders are complex issues to treat and can take time to recover from.

This treatment programme is specifically designed not only to address a person's immediate need for recovery, but also to provide them and their loved ones with vital coping tools to help them with eating, body image and mental health long after discharge.

Our adult eating disorder programme

The programme also challenges distorted beliefs around body image and addresses body dysmorphia, and aims to alter destructive or unhealthy behaviours around eating.

Family involvement in the treatment process is vitally important as this promotes a deeper understanding of the illness, which in turn enables recovery.

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Our aim

The treatment plan aims to achieve stabilisation at a normal weight, to normalise eating patterns, and to encourage a healthy attitude towards food.

The multidisciplinary treatment team

The multidisciplinary treatment team comprises of registered professionals with a specialist interest and expertise in mental health and psychiatry and includes:





Eating disorders treated in this programme

Netcare Akeso Eating Disorders Units specialise in providing a holistic and specialised treatment programme for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder, as well as any other eating disorders or combination of disordered eating.

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Our eating self-assessment can help you better understand and reflect on what you're experiencing, and find the assistance you may need.

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We offer mental healthcare for a range of disorders

Disorders treated in the adult programme

The adult programme offers mental healthcare for a range of disorders.
Understanding more about these disorders can help you to know when you may need help.

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