What sets us apart?

Benefits of practising at a Netcare hospital

Netcare's focus on person centred care which is digitally enabled and data driven, supported by experienced management teams at our hospitals, ensure effective and efficient business operations. This enables our supporting specialists to focus on providing their patients with the best and safest care.

  • An established infrastructure in a modern facility equipped with advanced medical technology.

  • Management commitment to achieving best patient outcomes, by Netcare's focus on person centred care which is digitally enabled and data driven. This is underpinned by CareOn, a pioneering electronic medical record system being implemented in all our hospitals.

  • This system gives doctors remote access to comprehensive information on their patients in real time.

  • A strong brand identity built on quality leadership, innovation and a commitment to person centred care.

  • Ongoing capital investment in our facilities.

  • Professional nursing support.

  • The opportunity to participate extensively in the physician advisory board (PAB) of the hospital where they will practice.

  • Comprehensive quality programmes and clinical protocols which are aligned with evidence based international best practice. All Netcare hospitals are benchmarked against the Department of Health's National Core Standards.

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