Why choose Netcare for your cardiac care?

Cardiovascular diseases and conditions remain the leading cause of death globally and represent a major disease burden for the people of our country.

Fortunately, many more world class treatment options are now available in South Africa than ever before. Our 20 dedicated cardiac centres at Netcare hospitals across South Africa offer access to advanced treatments to achieve the best possible outcomes for those affected.

We place you at the centre of all we do in providing you with the best and safest cardiac care, taking into consideration your unique circumstances and needs and encouraging you to participate fully in your healthcare journey with us.

Extensive cardiac facilities across South Africa

To ensure access to world class cardiac care right here in South Africa, we continue to invest in state of the art cardiac centres offering comprehensive cardiac care.

Our footprint of dedicated cardiac centres across South Africa and our established referral system for the transfer of cardiac patients — adults, children and babies — for treatment at these specialised cardiac centres, where needed, means that the best and safest treatment options are available to you.

Our cardiac facilities include the following:

  • Cardiac catheterisation laboratories for diagnosing and minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular conditions including coronary angiograms, angioplasties and stent insertions.

  • Dedicated theatres for cardiothoracic surgery such as coronary bypass and valve repair or replacement procedures.

  • Dedicated heart and heart-lung transplant centres.

  • Electrophysiology laboratories for treating heart rhythm disorders.

  • Dedicated cardio-oncology centre of excellence.

  • Dedicated cardiac wards providing intensive care to patients.

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Advanced treatments introduced into South Africa by cardiac specialists at Netcare

Cardiac specialists at Netcare hospitals have led the way in many major advances in cardiac care over the years, including the introduction of several significant cardiac ‘firsts’ in South Africa and the African continent. These advances have since benefitted thousands of patients here in South Africa.

First cardio-oncology centre established in South Africa

In 2019, cardiologist and cardio-oncologist, Dr YT (Trishun) Singh established the first cardio-oncology unit at Netcare uMhlanga Hospital. In November 2022, the International Cardio-Oncology Society (IC-OS) certified it as a centre of excellence. Cardio-oncology focuses on the cardiovascular health of cancer patients before, during, and after cancer treatment.

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First robotic assisted cardiothoracic surgery in South Africa

This surgery was performed at Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in 2022 by Dr Johan van der Merwe, a minimally invasive and hybrid cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon

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