Why choose Netcare for your child’s care?

Children who are admitted to hospital are not only are sick, they understandably also experience anxiety about being away from home in a strange environment.

At Netcare, we go all out to create a welcoming and homely environment for our precious young patients. This helps prevent what is known as ’hospital shock’ and aids their healing.

  • Caring for your child’s unique needs

    Paediatricians, nursing staff and other healthcare practitioners work closely together in caring for the unique needs of your child and each young patient.

  • A safe and secure environment

    We regard the safety and security of your child as crucial, and access control, monitoring and various other measures are in place to ensure this.

  • Parents’ involvement

    We welcome and value your involvement as parents in your child’s hospital care. One parent at a time is welcome to stay with your child during their hospitalisation. To this end, there is either a sleeper couch or reclining chair next to each bed for your benefit.

  • Infection prevention

    Our paediatric units incorporate isolation rooms so that we can care safely for children with infectious diseases, following all appropriate protocols to prevent infections from spreading to other children in the unit.

  • Incorporating elements of play and fun

    An inviting play area and with small furniture especially made for children is an integral part of our paediatric units. This incorporates elements of play and fun into their stay with us. To keep our young patients entertained, there are also television sets in the units.

Specialised paediatric services

In addition to paediatricians providing general treatment and care to babies and children, a number of highly
specialised paediatricians also practise in several of our hospitals countrywide.



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More specialised paediatric services

State of the art neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and paediatric intensive care units (PICUs)

Neonatal and paediatric intensive care are highly specialised disciplines that are vastly different to adult intensive care. It is important that babies and children are cared for by multidisciplinary teams who are experienced and up to date with the latest advances in paediatric critical care.

You'll find a highly professional yet welcoming environment equipped with advanced technology like the cutting edge ventilators and equipment for monitoring your baby or child’s vital signs and other functions.