Supporting breast milk for babies in NICUs

We support breastfeeding, especially for premature and medically vulnerable babies in our NICUs. These babies benefit most from the unique nutritional properties of breast milk and the protection it offers against infections. This aligns with the World Health Organization (WHO) policy on neonatal nutrition which promotes exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby's life.

Through our Ncelisa human milk banking initiative, we are able to make safe, age appropriate donated breast milk available to vulnerable babies not only in our own hospitals but also to babies in public sector hospitals – at no cost –whose mothers are unable, for whatever reason, to provide them with their own breast milk.

Measuring the quality of our patient care

At Netcare, we strive to always provide you with the best and safest care. We use scientific criteria to measure the quality of our care on an ongoing basis and closely monitor our performance against these measures.

We hold ourselves accountable to our patients and other stakeholders. Netcare is committed to transparency, and we share both our current and past results on this website so you can gain insight into the standard of our care over time.

Explore our quality of care measures and results for caring for newborn babies.

Explore our measures and results