Day hospitals


Day hospitals

Netcare day hospitals offer the convenience of same day surgical procedures backed by the quality promise of Netcare. Procedures offered range from minor to more advanced, across a range of surgical disciplines.

Netcare day hospitals are located within several Netcare Medicross medical and dental centres and in a few dedicated, standalone facilities.

Why Choose a NETCARE day hospital?

Day hospital benefits

Many surgical procedures can be safely and effectively undertaken in a modern, well equipped day hospital. In Netcare day hospitals, providing the best and safest care remains paramount. We focus on achieving the best possible outcome for each patient and providing them with compassionate care in a warm and friendly environment.

Lower fees

Procedures performed in a day hospital are billed at a lower fee structure, resulting in reduced cost to patients compared to when the procedures are performed in a general (acute care) hospital. In addition to Netcare day hospitals, there are dedicated day theatres and day wards within Netcare acute care hospitals. Various contracted medical schemes also support when patients use the day facilities within Netcare’s acute care hospitals when the same fee levels are billed as in Netcare day hospitals.

No overnight stay lessens disruption to your life

Because you are admitted, operated, and discharged on the same day, it makes your planning for a procedure easier and lessens the disruption to your work and home life.

Day procedures

  • Biopsies, for example of the breast, prostate, bones and throat
  • Gynaecological procedures such as diagnostic hysteroscopy and diagnostic dilatation and curettage (D&C), and breast lumpectomy
  • Dental and maxilla-facial surgery, for example dental implants and sinus floor augmentation
  • Orthopaedic surgery such as carpal tunnel release, toe deformity repair, and tendon and ligament repair
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT) procedures such as tonsillectomy, sinus lavage, various scopes, and middle ear procedures
  • Plastic surgery
  • Eye (Ophthalmic) surgery including cataract removal, glaucoma surgery, and retinal surgery
  • Skin procedures including removal of lesions and simple repair of superficial wounds
  • Gastrointestinal procedures such as colonoscopy, and gastroscopy
  • Urological procedures such as vasectomy and circumcision
  • General surgery such as hernia repair, appendix removal and haemorrhoids excision

Admission requirements

The doctor who will be performing the surgery will arrange a theatre date for your surgery.


We encourage you to do your pre-admission before the day of your actual admission, by visiting the day hospital where the procedure will be done. Medical scheme members will be required to present their ID or passport, and medical scheme membership card and authorisation. Private patients should bring along their ID or passport and proof of pre-payment, alternatively they can present proof of payment on admission.

Online pre-admission

You can do your pre-admission online if your procedure is to be done at Netcare Constantia Day Clinic or at Umhlanga Eye Institute. Online pre-admission is quick, easy, and can be done at your convenience.

Do an online pre-admission

Discharge advice

If you had general anaesthetic for your procedure, you should arrange with a family member or friend to drive you home when you are discharged, also if you had a procedure without general anaesthetic that may nevertheless affect your ability to drive safely.

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