Conservation receives a boost with Netcare 911 donation

Second-hand communication devices to assist game rangers in fighting poaching

Monday, April 23 2018

Communication devices that have assisted Netcare 911’s paramedics to deliver lifesaving service to humans will now be put to good use in conservation, after the private emergency medical services provider donated over 100 devices to the Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA).

 “The recent death of the last male Northern white rhinoceros is a poignant reminder of the importance of conservation work in preserving Africa’s rich biodiversity,” says Shalen Ramduth, Netcare 911’s director: business development and support services.

Pic: (Peter Mills (centre), member for the African Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), accepts a donation of second-hand durable communication devices from Netcare 911 on behalf of the Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA). He is pictured Netcare 911’s director: business development and support services, Shalen Ramduth (right) and information officer Klasie Vuyk (left). )

“The devices, including 97 Panasonic Toughbooks, as well as a number of vehicle radios and radio base stations, were replaced recently but were still in good working order. We therefore began looking for a suitable organisation that could benefit from these items, which are specially designed to be durable and serviceable for use in rugged conditions.”

Ramduth explains that GRAA, a registered non-profit organisation, expressed interest in these second-hand devices to support the work of its game rangers in Southern Africa.

“The nature of GRAA’s work means that these devices, which can withstand the elements to an extent and facilitate communication in remote areas, are ideally suited to their needs. We were also delighted at the opportunity to support conservation and contribute to the sustainability of the natural wonders of our country and continent, which in turn promote tourism and job creation.”

Chief executive officer of GRAA, Andrew Campbell, observed that the donation would go a long way towards assisting rangers in their duties of safeguarding Africa’s wildlife.  
“On behalf of the Game Rangers Association of Africa, I would like to thank Netcare 911 for your generous donation of equipment,” Campbell said.  
“By supporting the rangers in Africa, Netcare 911 is directly supporting the protection of our continent’s wildlife. Rangers bravely stand between poachers and increasingly threatened wildlife, selflessly protecting these animals and their habitat from destruction.”

GRAA rangers in South Africa and neighbouring countries will use the equipment, which has a second-hand value of approximately R350 000, in the course of their anti-poaching and conservation duties.

“This richness of flora and fauna assists in attracting tourism, which is an important economic driver for Southern Africa. According to Statistics South Africa’s most recent Tourism Satellite Account for South Africa report, our country’s tourism sector employed 686 596 people in 2016, and directly contributed almost three percent to South Africa’s gross domestic product,” Ramduth notes.

“Netcare 911 strives to make the most of the resources we have and, as an engaged corporate citizen, we are gratified that this equipment will continue to be of service in protecting the natural heritage that we are so blessed to have in this part of the world,” he concluded.


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