Hambani Kahle MaQhawe

Hambani Kahle MaQhawe 

Thursday, January 28 2021

In a field, on a farm near Winterton, five white crosses and five indigenous trees now mark the place where Dr Kgopotso Rudolf Mononyane, Dr Curnick Siyabonga (Siya) Mahlangu, Mpho Xaba, all from Netcare Milpark Hospital, Sinjin Joshua Farrance of Netcare 911 and Mark Stoxreiter from National Airways Corporation (NAC) died in the line of duty.

This video is a tribute to the heroic and remarkable lives of these healthcare heroes. 

In the words of Netcare Group CEO, Dr Richard Friedland: “Our hearts are broken, we mourn the loss of these fallen heroes, these frontline workers who have given so selflessly, so courageously of themselves. Our hearts are shattered for their families, children, loved ones, friends and colleagues whom they have left behind. 


“Our thoughts too are with our beloved colleagues at Netcare 911, Netcare Milpark Hospital and NAC. The national outpouring of grief is testimony to the enormous contribution that Mpho, Rudolf, Siyabonga, Sinjin and Mark have made, each in their own unique way,” added Dr Friedland.
“We will continue to carry you all in our hearts, and we stand here before you steadfast in our commitment to walk in their footsteps, to honour their legacies for you and your children. May they be carried on the wings of angels to their rightful place in heaven. May their beloved souls rest in peace. Hambani Kahle MaQhawe,” concluded Dr Friedland.

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