Hospital clinches top award for blood donations in Zululand

Give the gift of life on 4 March 2024

Wednesday, December 13 2023

In a remarkable culmination of its year-long commitment to community wellbeing, Netcare The Bay Hospital secured a first place SANBS award for collecting a record-breaking 494 units of blood in 2023.

The commendable feat was celebrated during the hospital's fifth and final blood drive of the year, held in collaboration with The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) and generously supported by businesses, organisations, and the local community.

“During the event, we successfully collected 57 units of blood. Notably, our most recent drive in October, held in collaboration with East Coast Radio, made a remarkable contribution of 318 units, establishing it as the largest blood drive of the year in Zululand,” said Sister Luleka Mhlauli, nursing manager of Netcare The Bay Hospital.

Conveying appreciation for the community's overwhelming support, which transformed the blood initiative into a heart-warming success, she added, “Our heartfelt thanks go to the wonderful residents of Zululand for their exceptional support throughout the past year. It reflects a community of caring and concerned citizens, and we are honoured to serve you.”

Collaboration in action: Dedicated professionals join forces for a worthy cause. Meet the dynamic team from Netcare The Bay Hospital. Back row: Renelle Rolando (human resources manager), Sarah McKaw (acting hospital manager during the September blood drive), Marna Bosson (pharmacy manager), Brett Windvogel (acting technical services manager), Sister Luleka Mhlauli (nursing manager), and Susan Redelinghuys (financial manager). In the front row are East Coast Radio presenters Darren Maule and Carmen Ready, who helped ensure that 318 units of blood were collected on the 29 September blood drive, on what was arguably one of the hottest days of the year.


Triumph in every drop: Netcare The Bay Hospital secures victory, clinching the SANBS Winner's Trophy by leading the charge in collecting 494 units of blood in 2023 while setting a record in the Zululand area.


Turning dreams into reality: Netcare The Bay Hospital's exceptional team orchestrated Zululand's largest blood drive. In the front row, East Coast Radio presenters Darren Maule and Carmen Ready are hard at work, inspiring the Richards Bay community to come forward and contribute to the blood drive.


The timing of the blood drive proved crucial, as Sister Mhlauli highlighted, "Our blood drive could not have come at a better time, with the holiday season ahead. Come rain or shine, the people of Richards Bay came out in numbers to support our regular blood drives throughout the year.”

Looking ahead, Netcare The Bay Hospital announced its first blood drive for 2024, scheduled for Monday, 4 March, ahead of the Easter holidays. Sister Mhlauli urged the community, stating, “Remember, giving 30 minutes of your time can make a meaningful difference, offering someone else a lifeline to spend more time with their families, friends, and loved ones.

"When you donate blood, you are giving the gift of life, and there is no more profound way to express care for others, particularly at this time of year. After all, it is the season for giving, so let’s make this blood drive count!”

On behalf of Netcare The Bay Hospital and the SANBS, Sister Mhlauli thanked everyone for their support and the many Richards Bay businesses for their sponsorships, which made the blood drives possible throughout the year.

"By donating your blood, you can help transform a life from the brink of despair to one filled with hope. We applaud your selflessness and generosity and encourage you to continue supporting blood donation. Please contact the SANBS at 0800 119 031 to find your nearest blood donation centre," says Sister Mhlauli.

What every blood donor needs to know

Important information for first-time donors:

  • Colds and flu: Ensure you're symptom-free  
  • Age requirement: 16 to 65 years
  • Minimum body mass: 50kg
  • Practise safe sexual habits
  • Free of transmissible conditions such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Please remember, by law, donors may only donate every 56 days and can donate about 480 ml of blood at a time. Eating a small snack within four hours before donating blood is recommended to offset the chance of feeling faint or lightheaded afterwards.


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