Hospital refutes claims of teenager’s alleged appointment

"There is absolutely no truth in reports that a teenager has secured a position as cardiologist..."

Wednesday, June 8 2016

“There is absolutely no truth in reports that a teenager has secured a position as cardiologist at Netcare Pholoso Hospital. In fact, the private sector is not allowed by regulation, to employ medical doctors,” says Sydney Masalla, general manager of Netcare Pholoso Hospital.

He added that Netcare had stringent procedures to which all hospitals in the Netcare Group adhere when doctors apply for admitting privileges. These include, amongst others, verification of their qualifications and registration status with all relevant statutory bodies. Furthermore, the hospital general manager has to approve applications for admitting privileges before a doctor is allowed to practise at a Netcare hospital.

Masalla emphasised that he had no knowledge of the person who allegedly posed as a cardiologist. “I have never had contact with her or received any application from her for admitting privileges at our hospital, and have certainly not introduced her to staff at the hospital.”

The South African Police Service has not yet been in contact with Masala regarding the case and he has not had sight of the documents found at the teenager’s apartment, alleged to be from Netcare Pholoso Hospital.


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