Netcare cautions public in the light of continued job and training scams

Netcare is alerting the public to the opportunistic placement of careers on social media.

Monday, January 18 2016

Netcare is alerting the public to the opportunistic placement of Netcare-specific career and training opportunities on social media and other informal platforms. According to Peter Warrener, group human resources director of Netcare, the company’s name is being misused in a series of social media job and training scams.

“Certain Facebook posts falsely indicate that the company is seeking to employ nurses. Similarly, learnerships and internship vacancies within Netcare are also being advertised. We continue to receive enquiries from members of the public seeking clarity on employment or training opportunities that are advertised fraudulently through various social media platforms under Netcare’s name.”

“Typically, the modus operandi of these fraudsters is to solicit money from the public with a promise of either employment at a Netcare facility or training towards becoming a Netcare employee. This is often done by requesting applicants to send payment as a part of their application,” explains Warrener.

In order to assist the public, Netcare is sharing a number of ‘red flags’ that may allude to the fact that the job advertised is a scam and not a legitimate job opportunity:

  • The application form asks for banking details;
  • Only a cellular telephone number is supplied for enquiries as the landline is “out of order”;
  • A dream job without the need of being interviewed is being promised;
  • A legitimate sounding name (Net-care) is being used;
  • Payment may well be requested “upfront” for administration purposes, accommodation and uniforms;
  • The payment mechanism is suggested as being facilitated via a cellular telephone number at a money market facility, such as a supermarket.

“We urge the public to be vigilant of such messages, Facebook postings and emails as they do not originate from Netcare. This is not the way we recruit staff or advertise learnerships and internships,” adds Warrener.

“Job seekers are furthermore urged to not make any payment to secure a job interview, learnership programme or any other employment opportunities where the Netcare name is used,” he concludes.

Individuals are urged to make contact with the Netcare Human Resources Shared Services Centre on 086 022 5547 if they would like to verify the legitimacy of a job posting.


Issued by: Martina Nicholson Associates (MNA) on behalf of Netcare
Contact : Martina Nicholson, Graeme Swinney, Devereaux Morkel or Meggan Saville
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