Netcare Group obtains international accreditation across its operations

Major milestone in the provision of consistent, quality patient care

Monday, September 17 2018

The Netcare Group has been awarded ISO 9001-2015 certification by the British Standards Institution (BSI). All operations within the group, including Netcare’s Hospital Division, Netcare 911, Medicross, National Renal Care, Netcare Oncology – Radiation Therapy and Netcare Education are included in this organisation-wide, centralised certification.

Commenting on what is a significant milestone for Netcare as one of the country’s foremost private healthcare provider groups, chief executive officer, Dr Richard Friedland, said that he was delighted with the achievement, which forms part of Netcare’s on-going goal of consistently providing quality patient care throughout the group.

“As part of our on-going quest to differentiate ourselves based on consistently providing the best and safest health services and person centred care, we are continually focused on implementing quality management initiatives across all of our divisions,” Dr Friedland noted.

“This effectively meant that we had to remove any degree of variability in service excellence across Group operations. The standardisation of processes as part of our quality management system is key to Netcare achieving its objective of delivering ‘Consistency of Care’ throughout its operations.”

“A core component of these activities involved the evaluation and upgrading of our practices, processes and policies in order to align ourselves with the internationally recognised British Standards Institution (BSI) benchmark of evaluation against the global ISO 9001-2015 standards,” he added.

According to Dr Friedland, 39 of Netcare’s facilities and all divisional head offices were audited by BSI against the ISO 9001-2015 standard over the past few months. “It was very rewarding to be informed that our Group’s quality management system complied with all the requirements contained in the ISO 9001-2015 standards.”

Going forward, BSI will conduct annual surveillance audits in sample facilities across all of Netcare’s divisions, thereby ensuring that the group operations remained fully compliant to the ISO 9001 standards.

“I wish to sincerely thank all of our leadership teams and staff members who have worked tirelessly and diligently to establish and maintain a quality management system of which we can be proud. The ISO certification is testimony to the work that they have done.”

“While the ISO certification is an important milestone in the quality journey of the Netcare Group, it is by no means the final destination. In order to provide quality care consistently, we need to remain focused at all times and take personal responsibility for providing quality care to every single person with whom we interact,” concluded Dr Friedland.


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