SA's leading healthcare group top of mind when it comes to caring for mankind

Netcare secures top honours for corporate social responsibility

Friday, March 13 2015

When respondents from leading South African (SA) companies and government, were asked as part of a national survey on corporate social investment (CSI) in 2013 which South African healthcare organisation best embodied sound CSI practices, Netcare, SA's largest private hospital network, was top of mind.

The announcement that Netcare was awarded the PMR.Africa Diamond Arrow Award followed after a national survey on CSI programmes and initiatives was conducted. The healthcare group, which invested over R58 million in CSI projects and programmes in 2013 to help care for the healthcare needs of South Africans, was also awarded a PMR.Africa Golden Arrow Award last year. CSI expenditure during the 2012 financial year totalled an equally impressive R36 million.

In accepting the award, Mande Toubkin, Netcare's general manager: emergency, trauma, transplant and corporate social investment, expressed delight at having Netcare's CSI efforts acknowledged once again in this meaningful way. "It is good to fulfill our core purpose which is to help care for the health of humankind as expressed in the work we do with due care and unending compassion, every hour of every day."

According to Toubkin, Netcare's CSI efforts are delivered through the Netcare Foundation, which partners with government, corporates, suppliers, healthcare professionals and staff to support the development of the communities in which Netcare operates. The key CSI initiatives of the group include emergency services to indigent patients, healthcare accessibility initiatives, community health and welfare sponsorships, academic sponsorships and bursaries as well as discretionary expenditure through applications for assistance sent to the Netcare Foundation.

"The dedication of the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other staff members who work within our countrywide operations for the development of South Africa and its people is wholehearted," observes Toubkin. "We are immensely thankful to our healthcare practitioners who partner with us to support initiatives to improve the livelihood of the communities that we serve. It has become second nature for employees, healthcare
SA's leading healthcare group top of mind when it comes to caring for mankind

professionals and management to reach out to the wider communities. Within Netcare, CSI is not viewed as a duty to society only, instead it is also heartfelt and deeply ingrained in the fabric of the organisation," notes Toubkin.

"Without the dedication of our staff members and the many healthcare practitioners who consistently and selflessly give of themselves to those in need, we could never have made such an impact with our CSI programmes. I therefore dedicate this award to every doctor, nurse, paramedic, pharmacist and employee who worked tirelessly to help fulfill our CSI goals," says Toubkin.

"We focus our efforts on healthcare as this is where we can make the most significant impact. In keeping with their vision to be 'a leading corporate citizen, proud of our heritage and what we give to society', Netcare 911's staff are passionate about the sanctity of life, personal respect and dignity. In 2013 they assisted close on 5 000 patients while services were rendered to more than 6 000 individuals during 2012," maintains Toubkin.
Netcare's CSI guidelines are aligned to King III, the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations (UN) Global Compact principles, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) principles, the Ruggie Framework, South Africa's inputs to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development and the final document of Rio+20.

According to PMR.Africa, the award is given to companies and institutions in South Africa who are seen to enhance economic development, growth and stability through their corporate social responsibility programmes and initiatives.

Netcare was named winner of the PMR.Africa Diamond Arrow award 2013 following a survey conducted among 180 respondents comprising CEOs, MDs, senior government officials, stockbrokers, analysts, finance and HR directors, according to Johan Hattingh, CEO of PMR.Africa.



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SA's leading healthcare group top of mind when it comes to caring for mankind