State-of-the-art ear, nose and throat practice at local hospital expands

Cochlear implantations and other hearing repair procedures now offered to patients

Friday, August 4 2017

Bay ENT, the well known ear, nose and throat centre situated at Netcare Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth, has substantially expanded its range of services, and is now offering procedures such as cochlear implantation for the first time.

“Bay ENT aims to provide a comprehensive range of highly specialised ENT services to meet the needs of our diverse and rapidly growing patient base in the Eastern Cape,” says Dr Cameron McIntosh, ENT surgeon and founder of the practice.

“Not only does our practice use cutting-edge medical technology, but our services are backed by the necessary expertise. We are consequently delighted to introduce ENT surgeon, Dr Iain Butler, to our patients as part of the expansion of our practice and its services.

“While both of us have expertise in general ENT surgery, Dr Butler also specialises in middle and inner ear surgery, as well as hearing repair and cochlear implantation, while I have a keen interest and specialise more in rhinoplasty,” explains Dr McIntosh.

Pic: Dr Cameron McIntosh (left) and Dr Iain Butler (right) from the newly expanded Bay ENT practice at Netcare Greenacres Hospital.

“Dr Butler has had extensive additional specialist training in middle ear and lateral skull base surgery, and was senior consultant of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of the Free State for many years,” he adds.

Commenting on joining Bay ENT practice, Dr Butler said: “I consider myself most fortunate to have been welcomed to Netcare Greenacres Hospital and Bay ENT by a team who are enthusiastic, professional and passionate about what they do.

“From an early stage in my medical training, I was drawn to the technical nature of middle ear surgery and the dramatic improvements such surgery could bring about in a person’s hearing ability and overall quality of life.

“Cochlear implantation was still a relatively young field within ENT when I commenced my training, but I nevertheless used the opportunity to become proficient in this important field,” says Dr Butler.

He explains that a cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that bypasses the function of the damaged part of the inner ear, the delicate ‘hair cells’ of the cochlea, thereby providing sound signals to the brain. “A cochlear implant may therefore be used to repair hearing loss or deafness in patients, and provide them with the enormous gift of hearing.”  

Andre Bothma, general manager at Netcare Greenacres Hospital, says that the facility continuously strives for excellence in patient care. “We are therefore delighted to have Dr Butler join the ENT team at the hospital as it has enabled us to meaningfully expand our service offering to patients in the Eastern Cape province,” he adds.

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