Thank you to our supportive community

Please safeguard your health, Netcare Unitas Hospital urges residents

Tuesday, June 1 2021

Netcare Unitas Hospital management, staff and specialists would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the community for their kind and generous ongoing support, particularly over the past year and a half. 

“We would like to thank you for trusting Netcare Unitas Hospital with your healthcare needs over the years. We have been extremely touched by the outpouring of support from residents and businesses in the last year, their messages of appreciation and encouragement, all the prayers, kindness and gifts carried us and energised us during challenging times,” says Eugene Ferreira, general manager of Netcare Unitas Hospital. 

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Take care of your and your family’s health
“We remain dedicated to your health, and urge all members of the community to take good care of their health, particularly those who have chronic health conditions. Please do not neglect your health and wellbeing.”

“Our specialists have noted with concern that some patients still appear to be hesitant about visiting healthcare facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are therefore unfortunately not managing existing serious conditions appropriately.”

Many people may not realise, and may find it reassuring to know, that hospitals are safer than most spaces, as we have had to deal with viruses, infections and so-called superbugs, long before the emergence of COVID-19. Rigorous scientific processes and hygiene measures have been developed to keep patients, staff and doctors as safe as possible. 

As a super specialised flagship facility, Netcare Unitas Hospital is highly experienced in this regard, and continues to demonstrate an abundance of caution with extensive COVID-19 precautionary measures, in addition to adhering to strict infection prevention and control policies and principles. 


“Prioritise your health, especially if you already live with a potentially serious chronic medical condition. Even individuals with serious acute health conditions have reportedly delayed seeking treatment out of fear of contracting the virus in a healthcare setting. This is most disturbing, because if an injury or ailment is left untreated it is much more likely to lead to avoidable, long-term health consequences,” Ferreira says.

“We would therefore like to emphasise the importance of patients staying in touch with their doctors, and ensuring that their chronic conditions are properly managed. We wish to assure the public that we will continue to provide the best and safest care possible for all patients, whilst ensuring the safety of our frontline staff, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.”

Investing in vital caring resources 
Netcare Unitas Hospital has invested substantially in additional lifesaving medical equipment, including ventilators, oxygenators, and high flow nasal devices, and we have also increased our onsite oxygen capacity to meet the unprecedented demand that we have experienced during the first and second waves of the pandemic. We have also invested in personal protective equipment (PPE) to appropriately protect all patients, staff, specialists, and visitors. 

During the peak of the second wave, the Netcare Family Connect Line was launched as a dedicated support line to keep next-of-kin informed on the status of their loved ones who have been hospitalised with COVID-19, and to facilitate direct communication between patients and their families where possible. Social workers, together with patient liaison officers provide support to patients and their families, while healthcare workers focus solely on their clinical and nursing duties. This service is still in place and proves to be very valuable and reassuring to those families that have made use of it.  

“Everyone has a responsibility to protect their own and their family’s health. This includes taking COVID-19 extremely seriously and remaining as cautious as ever. Please remain vigilant and closely adhere to COVID-19 precautions including washing hands regularly and thoroughly, adhering to social distancing, and always wearing a mask in public and in the presence of others,” Ferreira concludes. 


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