“We’re here to help in any medical emergency”: ED doctor

New emergency department opens at Netcare Parklands Hospital

Monday, July 11 2022

“We are pleased that our emergency department is officially fully up and running in its new location, on the ground floor next to the main entrance of the hospital, to assist individuals and families from our surrounding communities requiring urgent medical attention,” says Thea Janse van Rensburg, general manager of the hospital.  

In 2019, the hospital obtained approval from the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health (KZN DoH) to upgrade and relocate its emergency department, however construction progress was somewhat delayed during lockdown.

“The modern new setting includes a triage bay for initial assessment of walk in patients and a waiting area, four treatment bays and two resuscitation bays. A dedicated drop off zone for ambulances provides quick access for emergency medical services bringing in patients who require urgent priority treatment for more serious injuries,” Janse Van Rensburg says.

Photo: The new upgraded emergency department at Netcare Parklands Hospital is now open. Pictured in the emergency department are (left to right) Nicola Hariparsad, hospital marketing manager; Thea Janse van Rensburg, general manager of Netcare Parklands Hospital; Dr Aresh Misra, director of the emergency department at Netcare Parklands Hospital; Dr Tabassum Moosa, practice manager of the emergency department; and Sr Cheryl Pillay, unit manager of the emergency department.


“We are excited that our well designed new emergency department with its state of the art equipment and more convenient location will benefit our patients,” adds Dr Aresh Misra, director of the emergency department at Netcare Parklands Hospital.

“We know that patients appreciate the improvements made. The spacious design creates a streamlined flow and convenient access to everything that we need to ensure swift and efficient care. The consulting rooms are private and comfortable, so that our patients will feel safe and well cared for.”

Netcare Parklands Hospital is soon to be accredited by the Trauma Society of South Africa (TSSA) as a level 3 trauma centre, which requires the emergency department to comply with, and maintain, a number of strict requirements.

According to Dr Misra, they are treating patients with a wide range of injuries and urgent health concerns including medical emergencies such as life threatening respiratory conditions, allergic reactions, heart attacks, seizures, high fevers in children and babies, as well as traumatic injuries like fractures, cuts and lacerations and work related accidents.

“While some injuries are unavoidable, prevention is always better than cure. Always be safe and observant of your surroundings,” Dr Misra advises.

“We see many sports injuries that are the result of inadequate stretching and training. Make sure you do exercises and play sports that are within your capabilities and fitness level. Observe general safety measures in and around the house but rest assured, we are here to help in any emergency situation,” he says.  

How TSSA accreditation benefits patients
“As a number of international studies have shown, patients who are taken to the right level trauma centre for their injuries at the right time have improved survival and outcomes, and this is reflected in the criteria TSSA apply,” says Mande Toubkin, general manager emergency, trauma, transplant and CSI at Netcare.

“Netcare Parklands Hospital is equipped to the required standards set by TSSA, and is staffed by appropriately qualified emergency doctors and nursing personnel to provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, basic emergency operations and the stabilisation of patients.”

Systems are in place to ensure prompt availability of general surgeons, as well as standardised treatment protocols for quality care and patient safety. As an accredited level 3 trauma centre it also has an established early transfer system for patients who may require a higher level of emergency care to be rapidly and safely transferred to an appropriate hospital if necessary.

“A further requirement for accredited trauma centres is that they must report on an ongoing basis on the outcomes of the treatments provided for injuries. This guides emergency medical services and other emergency staff to take patients to the centres that are most appropriate for treating particular types of injury and are associated with better outcomes,” Toubkin says.

On Friday, 3 June 2022, the hospital welcomed emergency medical services providers for a breakfast to mark the opening of the new emergency department.

“It means a lot to us at Netcare Parklands Hospital to share this new chapter in our emergency care with the paramedics and other emergency services who work shoulder to shoulder with our emergency department to care for people and families in their time of urgent need for medical attention. We look forward to many more years of emergency care in the service of our communities,” Janse Van Rensburg concludes.


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