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Netcare appointmed™

Netcare appointmed™ will make specialist, GP and dentist appointments at Netcare hospitals, Medicross medical and dental centres, and Akeso mental health facilities for YOU. Operating hours are weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00.

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Looking for a specialist, GP or dentist appointment? Netcare appointmed™ will make an appointment for YOU at one of our facilities within the Netcare Group.

38 Netcare hospitals

28 Medicross centres

4 Akeso mental health facilities

Service reviews

Phumzile Malapane

"The agent was very helpful, it was a quick response, he got back to me with dates and times so it was very helpful. The service of the doctor was excellent, he was very friendly and informative and the receptionist was friendly. Using Appointmed was very helpful, I will definitely use the service in the future."

Service reviews

Bhima Pillay

"I will definitely use Appointmed again, it's convenient. I was happy with everything, everything was great."

Service reviews

Ray Francis

"Agent's service was excellent! Services received from the receptionist was great, they were very friendly and CARING! I would recommend Appointmed anytime. I was very impressed with the professionalism from Appointmed. For a first timer I actually felt that they understand people."

Service reviews

Micheal Mwale

"I was really happy with the agent's service. WOW WOW WOW…!!! Very very good service from the doctor's rooms. I actually Googled Appointmed and for my first time using the service I was really happy."

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