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Netcare appointmed™ is a convenient medical booking service designed to assist YOU with all your medical appointments. Get access to our extensive Netcare network of healthcare professionals at Netcare hospitals, Medicross medical and dental centres and Akeso mental health facilities.

No membership, no fees, just hassle-free healthcare to suit your unique needs.

Medical appointments tailor-made for YOU

Medical appointments are made for YOU based on a number of criteria including your availability, medical aid plan cover, geographic location, doctors’ availability and consultation fee.

Access a wide range of healthcare professionals through our extensive Netcare network

There are over 4,000 healthcare specialists, GP’s, dentist and psychiatrists in the Netcare network through Netcare hospitals, Medicross medical and dental centres and Akeso mental health facilities, ensuring that we can find the right care for YOU.

Minimise your out-of-pocket expenses

Helping you access the appropriate specialist, GP or dentist and minimise your out-of-pocket costs, through our extensive Netcare network.

Connect with your doctor in a way that is convenient for YOU

Choose whether you would like to consult with a doctor in-person or let us help you find a doctor within the Netcare network who offers virtual consultations.

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Please provide your details below and we will find the appropriate appointment for you. Netcare appointmed™ consultants are available to assist you Monday to Friday 08:00 – 17:00.

Voucher requirements

Do you have a NetcarePlus voucher?

NetcarePlus vouchers can be purchased for a variety of healthcare services, and are designed to help you and your family better meet your healthcare needs.

What is a NetcarePlus voucher?
This will assist us in finding the appropriate doctor for you, within the NetcarePlus network.

How would you like to meet with your doctor?

Netcare VirtualCare is an alternative to in-person consultations and enables you to meet with a doctor virtually, through video via a computer, tablet, or cell phone, or through audio calls.

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If you are, Netcare appointmed™ would like to find a doctor that is contracted to your medical aid in order to minimise out-of-pocket expenses

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For emergency medical assistance, call Netcare 911 on 082 911.

Affordable, prepaid, healthcare vouchers.

NetcarePlus vouchers give you access to private doctor consultations, within our trusted partner network, with the option to include medication at a time and location convenient to you.

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Customer feedback and reviews

See how people who have used Netcare appointmed™ experienced our service.

"The agent was very helpful, it was a quick response, he got back to me with dates and times so it was very helpful. The service of the doctor was excellent, he was very friendly and informative and the receptionist was friendly. Using Appointmed was very helpful, I will definitely use the service in the future."

Phumzile Malapane

"I will definitely use Appointmed again, it's convenient. I was happy with everything, everything was great."

Bhima Pillay

"Agent's service was excellent! Services received from the receptionist was great, they were very friendly and CARING! I would recommend Appointmed anytime. I was very impressed with the professionalism from Appointmed. For a first timer I actually felt that they understand people."

Ray Francis

"I was really happy with the agent's service. WOW WOW WOW…!!! Very very good service from the doctor's rooms. I actually Googled Appointmed and for my first time using the service I was really happy."

Micheal Mwale