Who we are

We are home to compassionate hearts, bright minds, deep expertise and innovative technology, and we exist to care for you throughout your entire life journey. We are because YOU are.

Our Netcare promise

We promise to care for you, and about you, in a manner that places you and your family at the centre of everything we do.

We recognise that you are an individual with unique needs and expectations.

We recognise the importance of your family and loved ones in your healing process.

We are here to provide you with the best and safest care, when you need it and in a way that we would wish for our loved ones.

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Our Netcare story

Our story begins with our values and our behaviours.

We are motivated by a belief in the sanctity of human life. We see it as a privilege to serve South Africans in their time of greatest need and vulnerability.

To this end, we constantly explore new ways to blend compassion with cutting edge capabilities. But while much has been said about our world class facilities, our global benchmarks and clinical best practice, our greatest strength is our people.

People who care for other people.

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Transforming society

Netcare is committed to building a new South Africa that is grounded in values of diversity, inclusivity and belonging, and to contribute towards socio-economic transformation.

We view transformation as critical for sustainable growth and stability, and for enhancing social cohesion.

Our CSI initiatives aim to play a significant role in people’s lives, uplift the communities we serve, and help shape the society we want to live in – and starts with a healthy nation.

We are committed to driving inclusivity in our supply chain across commodities and purchasing from small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs), and we support their cash flow with early payment terms.

Partnerships for growth

We support B-BBEE compliant suppliers, black owned and black women owned suppliers, qualifying small enterprises and emerging micro enterprises by bringing them into our supply chain. We do this to drive entrepreneurship, stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities.

How we help develop black enterprises and suppliers:

Environmental sustainability

The imperative of working towards a greener future

There can be no care for people without care for the environment — the two are inextricably entwined.

Our vision of a greener and healthier future for all in our country gave rise over a decade ago to a comprehensive strategy to reduce our impact on the environment. We set out to achieve renewable energy and the most efficient water usage, reduce our carbon emissions, and find innovative ways to minimise our waste. Today, Netcare is recognised as a world leader in environmental sustainability in healthcare.

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Environmental sustainability

Surpassing our 10-year targets

Phase 1 of our environmental sustainability programme, initiated in 2013, focused mainly on energy efficiency.

Our installation of solar power systems at 72 of our Group’s sites represents the second largest commercial solar PV undertaking in South Africa. Together with our lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning initiatives, we’ve achieved a 35% reduction in energy intensity per bed. As a result, we’ve surpassed our 10-year targets and earned no less than 36 international and local environmental sustainability awards.

Environmental sustainability

New and bolder targets set for 2030

In continuously challenging ourselves to do better, and more, Netcare was the first healthcare organisation in Africa to join the United Nations’ Race to Zero 2050 Challenge.

Our new and bolder targets set for Phase 2 of our environmental sustainability programme up to 2030 will focus on reducing our Scope 2 emissions to zero by using 100% of our electrical energy from renewable energy sources, as well as reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by a combined 84%. This will complete the bulk of our carbon neutrality programmes. Our other targets are to achieve zero waste to landfill, and a further 20% reduction in water consumption from limited freshwater resources.

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Netcare awards

We’re honoured and humbled by local and global recognition from leading organisations, publications, and the general public for our ongoing initiatives in environmental sustainability, our inclusive approach to employing persons with disabilities, and our commitment to the best and safest care.

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Climate Champion: African region – Health Care Climate Challenge Awards 2023


Second place: medical insurance brands - Ask Afrika Orange Index® Awards 2023/2024


Overall winner - BCX Digital Innovation Awards 2023 Awards

Netcare Digital

Winner: healthcare and pharmaceutical sector - IRAS Disabled Persons Rate Awards 2023


Our leadership team

We believe in servant leadership and see our role as deeply custodial. As a team, we’re always determined to find a way, to lead the way, to step forward and help when many others might step back. Our hands-on and humane approach sets us apart.

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