Our Netcare story

For over 25 years, Netcare has been saving lives and changing lives for the better. Every one of those lives is sacred to us, and it is a privilege to treat every person with the dignity they deserve, whenever they need us. We call this person centred health and care.

Person centred health and care,
digitally enabled and data driven

Person centred

We put each person first and at the centre of everything we do. We recognise each patient as an individual, on their own unique journey. We see them as our partners, and encourage and empower them to actively participate in their own health and care.

Health and care

We’re committed to providing each patient with the highest quality clinical care. But we believe that care must go beyond illness, towards wellness and wellbeing, where lifestyle choices and preventative care make a difference.

Digitally enabled and data driven

We’re using digital technology and data to build a continuum of care for our patients throughout their entire healthcare journey. We’ve unified our technologies and data sources to build a full 360-degree view of each of our patients.

Our commitment

Our aim is to be at the forefront of clinical healthcare providers internationally in providing person centred health and care to each patient. What puts us in a position to do this?

  • Our people

    Our highly skilled and
    compassionate people

  • Our technology

    Our world class technology
    and innovation

  • Our ecosystem

    The power of our comprehensive
    healthcare ecosystem

  • Our standards

    Our highly specialised centres
    of excellence

  • Our expertise

    The only Level 1 accredited private
    trauma care in the country

  • Our impact

    Our role as a healthcare pioneer and a force for social good

Our core value
is care

Our first priority is to protect the sanctity of life, and our commitment to care defines the value we create for individuals and society, today and tomorrow.

We make sure our patients are empowered and kept informed every step of their healthcare journey. We communicate honestly, and encourage them and their families to participate fully in their healthcare.

We create value through dedicated care pathways:

Access to care

From the moment of need for care right through to pre-admission and admission.

Consistency of care

From the point of diagnosis and dedicated treatment, right through to discharge.

Guided care

From the time of discharge, right through to ongoing treatment and aftercare advice.

Our quality of care

We’ve promised to provide you with the best and safest care, centred around your unique needs and circumstances, at every stage of your life journey. That's why we monitor and measure the quality of the care we provide and, aligned with our belief in honesty and transparency, share the results on our website.

A reassuring presence at your bedside, a comforting palm on your forehead, from your first to your final breath.

“We can't cure everyone. We can't always heal them. But we can give them hope. And we can treat them with compassion. Because that care, reassurance, and commitment at a time when someone is feeling vulnerable means the world and can make all the difference. If you've got a healthcare worker who just puts their hand on your forehead and says, ‘It's okay. You're going to be okay - we know what we're doing’, that has a huge impact on people’s lives.”

Dr Richard Friedland, Netcare Group CEO