Environmental sustainability

In 2013, Netcare received a R500 million loan from Nedbank Corporate Bank in association with the French Development Agency, and we set ourselves a goal to reduce our energy intensity by 30% in 10 years.

Our environmental sustainability programme focuses on ensuring a sustainable supply of energy and water, efficiently managing the use and cost of utilities, and recycling and controlling waste. We have strategic partnerships with Energy Management SA and Energy Partners, and provide our employees with training and awareness on utility conservation.

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Risk management

In the event of a large scale electricity or water disruption, our major incident plan defines the managerial and administrative actions and processes to be taken at all Netcare facilities to ensure a rapid, co-ordinated and appropriate response and the minimal possible disruption to essential care services.

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Climate Change

The Sustainability Committee considers the impact of climate change on current and future operations, monitors environmental performance, sets environmental targets and reviews compliance with applicable environmental legislation and the CDP.

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2019 South African Energy Efficiency Confederation...

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