UK eight-point plan

Governance framework

  • Ensure an effective organisational structure that supports the delivery of excellent services and minimises risks across all areas of the business.

Superior patient care

  • Provide the highest quality of clinical care while exceeding patients’ expectations.

People, performance and culture

  • Strive to be an employer of choice.
  • Attract the best consultants and staff.
  • Motivate and develop staff.

Business growth

  • Effectively utilise assets to actively drive market share within all three payor groups (PMI, self-pay and NHS.
  • Focus on more complex procedures. and services.
  • Strengthen our position as a provider of choice to the NHS.


  • Improve internal and external communication.
  • Build constructive relationships with key stakeholders.

Maximising efficiency and cost management

  • Drive efficiencies and actively transform the business to improve performance.
  • Better use of assets and resources to support volume growth and remove duplication of effort.

Information management

  • Effectively manage information to support business performance.
  • Promote innovation in the use of digital platforms.

Facilities and sustainability

  • Allocate capital in a structured manner to shape the business for growth.
  • Improve and update facilities while protecting the environment.
  • Optimise our IT platforms to maximise efficiencies.