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When it comes to saving lives, we have the very latest technology on hand to make sure we get it right. As tech plays an increasingly pivotal part in our operations, we’ll continue to embrace international innovations and breakthroughs.

Committed to cutting edge capabilities

Rapid location tracking

We’ll locate you in record time through your GPS coordinates, no matter where you are.

Rapid response by road or air

Rapid response by road or air, with vehicles tracked so that progress or delays can be relayed to you.

Innovative CPR via video

First for Africa, a new digitally enabled Life- saving Service.

Automatic vehicle selection

We’ll automatically identify the 15 emergency vehicles closest to you, to expedite response times.

Remote routing

A personal navigation device enables remote routing of ambulances and rapid response vehicles.

Reduced call time

We speed up calls through SMS based voiceless communication to shorten our response time and save precious seconds.

Wi-Fi enabled ambulances

We send your vital signs to our call centre and the receiving hospital while en route, so that the hospital’s medical team is ready for you on arrival.

Voice records

We retain voice records of all interactions for security purposes.

Full telehealth capabilities

We have full telehealth capabilities.

Medical Scheme EMS Medical Scheme EMS

Call taking and dispatch

Custom designed integrated call taking (ICT) and integrated dispatch system (IDS) technology in Netcare 911’s national emergency operations centre (EOC) ensure that the nearest emergency response team is dispatched to the scene.

Satellite tracking

All of Netcare 911’s emergency vehicles are equipped with global positioning (GPS) technology. We also use satellite tracking to assist our emergency medical staff to get to the scene of an emergency in the shortest possible time.

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