Adolescent disorders

Adolescent disorders may include depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, substance use or addictions, and eating disorders.

The impact of adolescent disorders

Little can prepare a family for the devastating effects of living with a child trapped in a painful cycle of low self-worth, low moods, and self-destruction.

However it manifests – for example, isolation from the family, substance use, an eating disorder, or self-harm – the outcome is often the same and seen through the slow and painful erosion of trust and even mutual respect, the inevitable build-up of anger and frustration on both sides, and possibly the breakdown of the family unit.

For parents

The constant anxiety can be overwhelming and exhausting; the helplessness paralysing and terrifying. There is nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to help your child.

Disorders/mental health struggles adolescents may experience

Sometimes, the symptoms an adolescent may show will differ from those of an adult, particularly when they are still learning how to recognise and manage their emotions. In addition to this, adolescence can already be fraught with hormonal changes and self-discovery.

Adolescents may experience a range of disorders or mental health problems, including:

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Treatment programmes for adolescent disorders

The treatment programme in the adolescent unit is a holistic one focused on treating the individual adolescent patient in the context of their various environments, including family, school, friends, and community.

The programme combines individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy where required, skills development, mindfulness, therapeutic relaxation, and leisure/social activities.

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