Eating disorders

We offer a specialised treatment programme at certain Netcare Akeso facilities for the complex needs of young people between 12-18 who are suffering from eating disorders like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Who will benefit from this programme?

The treatment programme is specifically designed not only to address the individual’s immediate need for recovery from an eating disorder but also to provide them and their loved ones with a means of coping with the illness after discharge.

The treatment programme in the adolescent unit is a holistic one which focuses on treating the individual adolescent patient in the context of his or her various environments including family, school, friends and community.

Our adolescent eating disorder programme

We help young patients identify and understand any underlying problems that may have led to their eating disorder. We also help them to correct disordered thinking around nutrition and weight management, and to facilitate healthy coping tools and skills for maintaining health and wellness after they are discharged from the programme. We place great emphasis on forging strong and dependable support systems for young people suffering from these distressing and often isolating disorders.

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Our aim

The aims of the in-patient programme include normalising eating behaviours, creating a healthy relationship with food, and challenging distorted beliefs around body image.

The multidisciplinary treatment team

The multidisciplinary treatment team comprises of professionals with a specialist interest and expertise in adolescent development and psychiatry, and includes:





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Our adolescent self-assessment is designed especially for young people, and can help you to understand more about how you're feeling and help you find the assistance you may need.

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Our admissions process

Because of the sensitivities in dealing with under age patients, a pre-admission assessment is often required. The team will assess whether we would be able to effectively accommodate and treat the patient.

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We offer mental healthcare for a range of disorders

Disorders treated in the adolescent programme

The adolescent programme offers mental
healthcare for a range of disorders.
Understanding more about these disorders can help you to know when you may need help.

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