Helping sexual assault survivors heal and rebuild their lives

Our sexual assault services revolve around three pillars:

Process for treatment of survivors

  • Survivors (women, men and children) may arrive at a Netcare emergency department on their own, by ambulance, or accompanied by SAPS. These patients are considered urgent and are attended to immediately.

  • Patients are made to feel comfortable on arrival. They are taken to a private area immediately and managed according to strict protocols, with the utmost confidentiality and with consideration for their dignity at all times.

  • Each patient is given a care pack including toiletries, underwear and clothes for their use and they are able to wash or shower once the forensic evidence has been collected.

Care for physical and emotional trauma

The aim of the Netcare sexual assault centres is to provide survivors with treatment and support that not only addresses their physical injuries but also assists them with overcoming emotional trauma.

  • We provide prompt emergency medical treatment to survivors with physical injuries. Those not covered by medical aid or insurance and who need further in-hospital treatment are stabilised and then transferred to a public hospital.

  • In the case of child survivors, we work closely with state and NGO specialist childcare facilities throughout the country, such as the Teddy Bear clinics and Rainbow clinics.

Helping sexual assault survivors report the crime and find justice

We aim to help reduce the unacceptably high level of sexual assault in South Africa by encouraging survivors to report such assaults and press charges where the assailant is known to them — and by strengthening their cases with the necessary forensic evidence.

  • We have created awareness amongst members of SAPS about our professional services for survivors of sexual assault.

  • Just on 60% of all patients seen at our centres since 2000 were brought in by the SAPS.

  • 77% of the survivors accompanied by SAPS went on to open a case.

  • We report sexual assaults to the SAPS on behalf of those who have been affected and have chosen to report their assault.

  • We pay meticulous attention to the protocols for gathering forensic evidence and keeping accurate records. Forensic evidence is collected during the physical examination and handed over to the SAPS investigating officer.

The people we have helped

Statistics provided are from September 2000 up to June 2022.

A history of compassion behind our sexual assault centres

The intentions that moved us to establish sexual assault centres