Patient information

Patient information

Netcare Medicross medical and dental centres offer you a comprehensive range of essential private medical, dental, and complementary healthcare services through our extensive network of centres, conveniently located across eight provinces in South Africa.

Arranging your visit to Netcare Medicross medical and dental centres

The healthcare providers operating within our centres are independent practitioners, and as such each practice might differ from the next.

These practices are designated service providers to most medical schemes. Depending on the benefits of your medical scheme plan, a co-payment might be required. Please enquire at the centre you are visiting whether the practice is aligned to your plan.

The medical and dental centres have extended operating hours, and an after hour fee may apply depending on your medical scheme benefits.

Online appointment booking

Book appointments online day or night at your convenience with medical practitioners and dentists at Netcare Medicross centres.

Book an appointment

Should you require assistance to make a booking, kindly contact Netcare appointmed™ at 0860 555 565.

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Tips to get the most from your visit


Allocate time in your day

Make sure you have enough time available when visiting your doctor or dentists.

If you feel that you could benefit from it, do not hesitate to bring a family member or friend along to support you.


Bring notes and list your concerns

Make a list and prioritise your concerns. It is easy to forget something you wanted to ask. Work through the list during the consultation so that you don’t put off the things that are really on your mind. Also write down important aspects of your medical history to share with your doctor or dentist, especially on your first visit.


Remember important documents

Take information with you to the doctor and dentist, such as a list of your medication, medical scheme card, ID or drivers license as well as medical reports from other doctors.

What happens next?

After your appointment

Your health and wellbeing are important to us, and our staff are available to guide you on any questions you may have.


The doctor or dentist may have prescribed you medication. If the centre you are visiting has an on-site pharmacy, you can conveniently fill your script there. The pharmacists have immediate access to the doctor to obtain clarity if required. Your doctor will explain your medication to you, but feel free to ask the pharmacist questions.

The pharmacist can provide you with extra information to help you understand your prescription and also give you advice about over the counter medicine. The pharmacist can provide you with the cost for the medication and suggest generic alternatives that may be more cost-effective. The choice is up to you.

Monitor your reaction to medication

If you experience problems after you start taking your medication, you are welcome to request a telephonic discussion with the doctor. Don't stop taking or change the treatment without speaking to your doctor. Tell your doctor if you have any unwanted side-effects and work with your doctor to find the best treatment for you.

Further referral

If needed, your doctor or dentist will refer you for further investigations and/or to a specialist. Our medical and dental centres are equipped to offer on-site pathology services and the nurses will guide you on the requirement for the tests requested. Should you need to make an appointment with a radiologist or specialist, the doctor will provide you with a referral letter.

Let us book an appointment for YOU through Netcare appointmed™

Netcare appointmed™ will conveniently find and book an appointment for you or your loved ones with specialists, GPs and dentists within our extensive countrywide network of Netcare hospitals, Netcare Medicross medical and dental centres, and Netcare Akeso mental health facilities.

Our free service is tailored to suit your unique needs, with appointments booked with medical practitioners contracted to your medical aid at a location, date and time that is suitable to you.

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Get in touch

As part of our commitment to provide each patient with the best and safest care, we listen. If you have anything you’d like to ask us, any problems or complaints, any compliments or other feedback, please get in touch.

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