Recruitment process

Vacant positions are advertised in the Vacancies section of the websites of the Netcare Group, Netcare Hospitals, Netcare 911, AkesoMedicross and Netcare Occupational Health websites.

Candidates should familiarise themselves with our recruitment process in order to know what to expect. Our recruitment process typically follows the following steps:

  • Kindly submit your CV to the email address indicated on the specific advert for the position you wish to apply for.
  • Should you be shortlisted for the position, you will be contacted by the relevant HR Department to arrange an interview. 
  • Our selection process may further include employee risk assessments which includes employment references, credit, criminal and qualification checks. 
  • Should your application be successful, our human resources department will provide you with a formal letter of appointment and will contact you with information to facilitate your onboarding process.
  •  Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  Applicants who have not been contacted within 30 days of the closing date of this advert, should consider their application as unsuccessful.

The Netcare Group offers a wide spectrum of career opportunities within various disciplines including nursing, emergency medical services, pharmaceutical services, information technology, human resources, finance and administration, procurement, technical and maintenance and mark

Beware of job and training scams

Netcare is alerting the public to the opportunistic placement of Netcare-specific career and training opportunities on social media and other informal platforms, with the Netcare or Netcare 911’s name being misused in a series of social media job and training scams.

Certain Facebook posts falsely indicate that the company is seeking to employ paramedics and nurses. Similarly, learnerships and internship vacancies within Netcare are also being advertised. We continue to receive enquiries from members of the public seeking clarity on employment or training opportunities that are advertised fraudulently through various social media platforms under Netcare’s name.

Typically, the modus operandi of these fraudsters is to solicit money from the public with a promise of either employment at a Netcare facility or training towards becoming a Netcare employee. This is often done by requesting applicants to send payment as a part of their application.

In order to assist the public, Netcare is sharing a number of warnings that may indicate that the job advertised is a scam and not a legitimate job opportunity:

  • The application form asks for banking details;
  • Only a cellular telephone number is supplied for enquiries as the landline is “out of order”;
  • A dream job without the need of being interviewed is being promised;
  • A legitimate sounding name (Net-care) is being used;
  • Payment may well be requested “upfront” for administration purposes, accommodation and uniforms;
  • The payment mechanism is suggested as being facilitated via a cellular telephone number at a money market facility, such as a supermarket.

We urge the public to be very suspicious of such messages, Facebook postings and emails as they do not originate from Netcare. This is not the way that we recruit staff or advertise learnerships and internships.

Job seekers are furthermore urged to not make any payment in an attempt to secure a job interview, learnership programme or any other employment opportunities where the Netcare or Netcare 911 or a variation of the names is used.

Individuals are advised to contact the Netcare Human Resources Shared Services Centre on 086 022 5547 if they would like to verify the legitimacy of a job posting.

Corporate recognition for Netcare as an employer

Legends of Empowerment Award - 2016

Netcare has been recognised as one of 15 ‘Legends of empowerment’ for its major and significant contribution to transformation in South Africa. This award was bestowed to Netcare at the 15th annual Oliver Empowerment Awards ceremony in 2016.

2016 SAGEA Employer Awards
Netcare was a runner up in the health sector category of the 2016 SAGEA (South African Graduate Employer Association) Employer Awards. The awards have been developed as part of the SAGEA Candidate Insights Survey 2016, in which graduates rated the organisations which they perceived to have the best graduate programmes in specific sectors.

2016Top 100 Most Empowered JSE Listed Companies 

Netcare has been ranked 61th overall in the 2016 Top 100 Most Empowered JSE Listed Companies Report. 

Careers24 HR Future Awards

Netcare won the Best Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Award and was a finalist in the Best Learning and Development Strategy category in the first annual Careers24 HR Future Awards.

2016 Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards

Netcare has been ranked 56th in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards. The awards track the best-performing businesses on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), acknowledging those with the highest shareholder returns over the past five years.

About Netcare as an employer

Netcare is a values-driven organisation that focuses on service leadership, staff engagement and developing our people. Our company culture is high performance based and rooted in an empowering approach which encourages innovation and recognises employee achievements.

Netcare’s remuneration and benefit offerings are benchmarked against industry standards. Our talent management programme focuses on identifying high-potential and high-performing employees holding critical positions. Various leadership and management development programmes are offered to encourage innovation, critical thinking, pro-activeness, continuous development and life-long learning.

Our reward and recognition programme is designed to acknowledge employees for living the Netcare values. The programme aims to encourage employees to continually and consistently perform to the highest standards and to provide excellent patient care.

There is also an established programme that acknowledges employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in making a meaningful impact on people’s lives both within and outside their work environment.

Staff members and their families also benefit from the employee wellness programme which is offered in partnership with a reputable external service provider. The programme’s unique and tailored solutions assist and support employees and their families with stressors such as balancing work and personal life challenges, physical and emotional health, and managing their finances.

Corporate recognition for Netcare as an employer

Legends of Empowerment Award - 2016

2016 Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards

Careers24 HR Future Awards

2016 SAGEA Employer Awards

Careers24 HR Future Awards