Clinical outcomes reporting

Providing the best and safest person-centred health and care (of body and mind) is central to Netcare’s promise to our patients, and underpins our ability to compete and grow in a fast-changing healthcare sector. A key focus of our strategy is therefore to provide our patients with a consistently high level of care both in terms of quality and safety. This is operationalised using an integrated and collaborative approach across all our service platforms, which are increasingly digitally enabled and data driven.

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Clinical outcomes

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Value of care

Encompassing quality outcomes, patient safety, patient experience and episode cost efficiency.

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Safety and health, environmental sustainability and quality

We are integrating our Occupational Health and Safety, environmental sustainability and quality management systems, which previously functioned separately.

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Clinical governance

Improving and strengthening our policies governing clinical practice is ongoing work. This entails enhancing the robustness of our clinical governance framework and promoting a Netcare research culture.

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