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Aeromedical emergency services

Netcare 911's international EMS cover provides global work teams and diplomatic missions with world class emergency medical care and evacuation services across the African continent and surrounding islands.

How does international
EMS cover work?

We manage any diplomatic medical emergency, anywhere throughout the continent, in compliance with diplomatic protocols. We provide the same service to international work teams on our shores.

For international travellers and embassies

Through our state of the art aeromedical and rapid response road rescue services, along with the Netcare Group’s extensive private hospital network, we’ll provide your personnel with an end-to-end medical emergency service.

We partner with international travel insurers and embassies across the globe.


Rapid response in record time

We load all your mission and staff details onto our integrated call taking (ICT) and GPS systems to enable instant recognition and the prompt, efficient dispatch of road or aeromedical resources.

  • Repatriation services

    From Africa and around the globe

  • Best time

    Rapid response by road or air with vehicles tracked to monitor their progress

  • Expert transfers

    Transfer of injured or ill employees from site to the nearest, most suitable medical facility, as well as inter-facility transfers

  • Assistance with emergency evacuations and mock drills at client premises.

  • All interactions recorded for security reasons.

  • Assistance and support at embassy or other events on request.

  • We undergo clinical auditing based on global best practice.

Plane Plane

A dedicated squadron of state of the art ICU air ambulances

Prompt evacuation and specialised life saving pre-hospital emergency medical care may mean the difference between life and death.

Every aeromedical mission is managed on its merits, with meticulous scrutiny and medical oversight.

What we offer

  • We offer both fixed wing and rotor helicopter air ambulance services.
  • We cater for both short and long range flights, and can mobilise our service within 90 minutes of flight authorisation for fixed wing aircraft, and five minutes for helicopters.
  • Our specialist organ transplant team is able to harvest and transport life saving organs from donors to transplant centres.
  • Our aircraft are custom configured as mobile intensive care units, staffed by emergency medicine doctors, registered nurses and paramedics, with experienced pilots at the control.
  • All aeromedical pilots are accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

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international EMS?

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Please note that the centre operates on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00.