Respond. Stabilise. Mobilise.


Whatever the crisis or emergency, this is how we operate. Our team of experienced paramedics, medical practitioners and pilots know what to do in a life threatening situation, no matter who you are or where you are.


Corporate emergency
medical services (EMS)

Netcare 911's corporate EMS cover offers employers a comprehensive suite of services, aligned with best practice in health and safety protocols. Whether you need first responders in an emergency or first aid training for staff, we’ll deliver it on site.

Corporate Emergency Corporate Emergency

Service Emergency Operations Service Emergency Operations

Medical scheme
emergency medical services (EMS)

Netcare 911's medical scheme EMS cover offers medical schemes a choice of capitated (fixed monthly payments) or access (fee for service) payment models, with structured member benefits. This cover gives members of contracted medical schemes access to the widest range of rapid response services available in SA — coordinated through our 24/7 emergency operations centre (EOC).

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Aeromedical emergency services

Netcare 911 operates 24/7 helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) in SA that has dedicated ICU jet air ambulances serving the African continent and surrounding islands. All craft are permanently configured and equipped as ICUs, with a dedicated medical team on board.

Tech capabilities Tech capabilities

On Site

On-site emergency
medical services (EMS)

Our unrivalled infrastructure, capabilities, extensive experience and impressive track record position Netcare 911 as a provider of choice for on the spot medical services at industrial and mining sites across SA.

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Events emergency
medical services (EMS)

Netcare 911 paramedics, rapid response vehicles and ambulances are a common – and welcome – sight at local, provincial, national and international sporting events, and other events such as conferences and congresses held in South Africa.

Event Event