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On-site emergency
medical services (EMS)

Netcare 911's on-site EMS cover provides a turnkey solution to employers, ensuring their workforce has instant access to world class emergency medical care when they need it.

How does on-site EMS
cover work?

With a dedicated team on site to take care of any workplace emergency, you’ll find us on call 24/7 at industrial and remote sites across SA — including local and international mining, construction and energy companies. Our service capabilities cover underground and surface mining.

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments in order to advise on the best resourcing relevant to each particular site. Our skilled occupational health specialists carry out pre- and post-deployment medical examinations. We also run continuous on-site occupational health and safety surveys and audits, while providing ancillary support to local medical facilities.

Access model

Fee-for-access (FFA)

If you choose a fixed monthly access fee payment option, we load all your company details onto our centralised system so we can manage any emergency through our emergency operations centre (EOC).

In addition to the fixed monthly access fee, we bill your company for whatever services it uses, irrespective of the number of employees in your organisation.


Optimal care on the spot

Our comprehensive range of industrial site solutions includes on-site ambulances, clinics, counselling and education, as well as field intelligence and health risk management.

  • Risk-based on-site
    emergency medical services

  • Mass casualty incident

  • Emergency preparedness
    and response

  • Disaster planning and management

  • Underground patient assessment and safe extraction

  • Fire and rescue services

board rescue board rescue

Mining operations

We’ve developed key competencies in compliance with the demands of this stringent, highly regulated operational environment. We follow a rigorous recruitment process before deploying personnel to remote sites, to ensure all high risk operational requirements are met.


  • On-site first aid training.
  • First aid courses through our Faculty for Emergency and Critical Care (FECC).
  • First aid box inspections and top ups.
  • Health and safety management, including risk assessments.
  • Facilitation of injury on duty (IOD) cases — taken directly to the nearest, most appropriate facility.

Mac Netcare

Interested in
on-site EMS?

Contact our central customer service centre at
[email protected] or on
(0860 638 2273)

Please note that the centre operates on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00.