Preparation is key on your journey to parenthood

We know that, although the prospect of becoming a parent is exciting, it can also be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. This is why it’s important to prepare thoroughly for the birth of your baby and the new responsibilities that come with being a parent.

We encourage you as expectant parents to attend antenatal classes and participate fully in developing a birthing plan that suits your needs — from the type of birth, to who will support you during delivery, and the type of accommodation you’d prefer.

Secure facilities and advanced technology for the best and safest care

We strive to create a tranquil and supportive environment in our maternity units which are fully secured to ensure you and your baby’s safety.

Our modern facilities incorporate various accommodation options to suit your specific needs. These include private en-suite rooms and semi-private rooms, where your baby will room in with you. We encourage you to arrange a visit, prior to your due date, to the maternity unit where you plan to give birth to meet the staff and view the facilities.

Value adding care


Breastfeeding advice and hands on support

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Skin-to-skin and kangaroo care

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Newborn hearing screening to detect hearing impairments

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Ncelisa donor breast milk

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Measuring the quality of our patient care

At Netcare, we strive to always provide you with the best and safest care. We use scientific criteria to measure the quality of our care on an ongoing basis and closely monitor our performance against these measures.

We hold ourselves accountable to our patients and other stakeholders. Netcare is committed to transparency, and we share both our current and past results on this website so you can gain insight into the standard of our care over time.

Explore our quality of care measures and results for caring for newborn babies.