We are committed to high moral, ethical and legal standards, and support the code, principles and values of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Our Code of Ethics guides the interaction between the Group and its stakeholders, including its partners and suppliers in the healthcare value chain. It articulates the Group’s policy regarding conflicts of interest, gifts, confidentiality, fair dealings and the protection and appropriate use of Netcare’s assets. Training interventions, awareness campaigns and an annual survey are used to entrench the code’s principles and ensure that it is consistently applied within the Group.

We take a zero-tolerance approach to theft, fraud and corruption, as well as discrimination and racism. Employees, management and external parties (the public, suppliers and patients) can contact Group Forensics to report irregularities such as alleged theft, or fraudulent, corrupt or unethical behaviour, including unethical medical behaviour. They can also use the Fraud and Ethics Hotline to protect their anonymity. The anonymous toll-free SHOUT line allows employees to report alleged or perceived discriminatory or racist action or behaviour.

Accountability and control

An appropriate system of internal controls is maintained to safeguard and manage Netcare’s assets, minimise losses arising from fraud and/or other illegal acts, and fairly present financial and operational information. Group Internal Audit fulfils an assurance and consulting function and is mandated to provide independent and objective assurance over this system of internal controls. Group Internal Audit’s activities provide assurance to our stakeholders that Netcare operates in a responsible manner.

In line with the requirements of the IIA Standards, Group Internal Audit undergoes an independent quality review at least every five years. An assessment was undertaken in 2019 by a globally recognised external audit firm. The findings confirmed that Netcare’s internal audit function ‘generally conforms’ to the IIA Standards (the highest level of compliance). The assessment report indicated that Netcare has a professional and established internal audit function which achieved an ‘established’ maturity rating and is regarded as a trusted advisor to the business. The next independent quality review is planned for 2024.

The Fraud and Ethics Hotline facilitates anonymous reports of unethical behaviour.
0860FRAUD1 (0860 372 831)
If anonymity is not a concern, reports can be made to:
[email protected]
Toll-free line to report incidents of discrimination:
0800 611 036