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Netcare Akeso provides the best and safest person centred mental healthcare, tailoring treatment to each patient's particular needs. We aim to help you improve your life, using creative tools and skills for sustainable mental health and wellness.

Our programmes

General psychiatry

A programme designed for those experiencing a range of mental health problems including depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This programme has a strong group and skill building focus, but it incorporates individual therapy too.

Dual diagnosis/addiction

The dual diagnosis/addiction programme can help people with chemical or behavioural addictions. Through group interventions, individual therapies, and other clinical best practices, this programme aims to help people achieve positive and sustainable behavioural change.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are very complex and distressing, and they require specialist treatment. We have experienced professionals who can help you to achieve weight stabilisation, normalise your eating patterns, and shift damaging and self-destructive attitudes towards food, body image, and eating behaviours.


The adolescent programmes provide mental health care for young people, and the programmes are designed specifically with them in mind. The programmes cater for a range of general mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, and can also assist with addictive behaviours.

Other services

If our programmes aren’t suitable for you, you may find one of our other treatment options beneficial.

Outpatient appointments Accent
Outpatient appointments

We offer outpatient consultations with experienced mental health professionals.

Crisis Line Accent
Crisis line

We have a 24/7 crisis line for mental health emergencies, crises, and advice or information.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) Accent
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Safe, efficient, and sometimes life saving treatment, used to treat specific mental health conditions.


Mental disorders, or mental illnesses, refer to a wide range of conditions that affect your mood, thinking, and behaviour.
These symptoms can impact your ability to function and complete daily activities as normal.

Learn more about a range of common mental health disorders:

For more information regarding where you can access the above services, please check with the facility.

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The Centre of Psychotherapy Excellence (COPE), is a multidisciplinary treatment programme for us at the heart of our mental health facilities. Its purpose is to walk with you on a journey towards greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your mental health.

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Our general self-assessments can help you better understand and reflect on what you're experiencing, and find any help you may need.

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Admission information

Our in-patient admissions across various treatment programmes offer a more intensive experience with round the clock support, in order to help you on your journey towards better mental health.

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A commitment to quality of care

A commitment to
quality of care

It’s not just something we say. We regularly monitor, measure, and publish the data that shows the high quality of care we provide, guided always by our principles of transparent and person centred care.

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