Honouring our fallen heroes & fellow South Africans

Lalani Kahle MaQhawe.

We stand in solidarity with other South Africans during these five days of mourning. We remember and pay homage to our colleagues and all others who have passed away due to COVID-19, including some of our patients who succumbed to the illness despite our best care.

Please join us by wearing a black ribbon as a mark of respect and in remembrance of them.

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A personalised approach to health and care

At Netcare, we are striving to change healthcare for the better.

So, when you entrust your care to us, we acknowledge that YOU are as unique as your fingerprints, with your own personal circumstances, needs, fears and expectations about your health and care.

Our holistic view places YOU - as a person and not just a patient - in the centre of all we do, and encourage you to fully participate in your health and care journey with us.

Your health and well-being is important to us

Watch our video to find out more about our commitment to person centred health and care

Why choose the
Netcare Group?

The Netcare Group offers you a unique, comprehensive range of medical services across the healthcare spectrum, enabling us to serve all of your health and care needs. Our focus on implementing sophisticated digital systems will enable us to provide you with care that is fully integrated and an enhanced experience across our Group's operations.

Netcare Hospitals
Netcare offers acute multi-disciplinary medical care through its extensive South African network of private hospitals which include centres of excellence, day hospitals and emergency departments, most with accredited trauma centres.
National renal care
National Renal Care (NRC) offers comprehensive dialysis services to patients with compromised kidney function. It is the only private dialysis provider in South Africa and is jointly owned by Netcare and Adcock Ingram Critical Care.
Netcare cancer care
Netcare Cancer Care offers treatment for all types of cancers through multi-disciplinary teams using advanced technology and custom designing treatment plans for each individual. Various support services are also offered to individuals during their journey.
netcare 911
Netcare 911 offers pre-hospital emergency medical services including evacuation of patients by road or by air in specialised helicopter or jet air ambulances, as well as transfer of patients between medical facilities. It is the only fully digitised emergency medical service in Africa.
Medicross offers a range of primary healthcare services in dedicated medical and dental centres, providing access to GPs and dentists, as well as to pharmacy, x-ray, physiotherapy, pathology and other healthcare services.
Akeso offers specialised inpatient treatment, provided by multi-disciplinary healthcare teams in dedicated mental health facilities across South Africa, for a range of mental health and addictive conditions. Outpatient services and post-discharge support groups are also offered.
Netcare occupational health
Netcare Occupational Health provides contracted occupational health and employee wellness services to companies ranging from multi-nationals to smaller enterprises, across all sectors of the economy.
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Patient portal

Our patient portal is your personal healthcare management platform. Register to create a profile for yourself, also for your registered dependants if you wish, and do online pre-admissions at your convenience.

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NetcarePlus. Providing you with access to quality and affordable healthcare.

NetcarePlus offers innovative solutions designed to help you and your family better meet your healthcare needs. The NetcarePlus GP vouchers are the first of several products to be launched and gives you access to private doctor consultations.

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Netcare appointmed™

A convenient service for specialist, GP and dentist appointment at Netcare hospitals, Medicross centres and Akeso mental health facilities. Netcare appointmed TM operates weekdays from 08:00 and 17:00.

Call us on 0860 555 565 to speak to a consultant.

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Netcare Cancer Care

Netcare Cancer Care offers treatment for all types of cancers through multi-disciplinary teams using advanced technology and custom designing treatment plans for each individual. Various support services are also offered to individuals during their cancer journey.

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National Renal Care

National Renal Care (NRC) offers comprehensive chronic and acute dialysis services to patients with compromised kidney function. It is the only private dialysis therapy provider with a extensive network of dedicated dialysis facilities across South Africa and also offers a bespoke lifestyle management programme for persons with kidney disease.

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What’s new

View the latest happenings and achievements at Netcare and the Group's operations.

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29/05/2020 01:57 PM
Coronavirus COVID-19

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05/02/2020 02:55 PM
Changing waste into school shoes a step towards realising a circular economy

The collection of used, non-hazardous PVC drip bags and oxygen masks

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03/02/2020 09:20 AM
Placing patients at the centre of care

Netcare won the prestigious 2019/2020 Ask Afrika Orange Index Award for service excellence

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08/08/2019 12:06 PM
The milk of human kindness provides ‘priceless’ boost for vulnerable babies

Breastfeeding mothers ‘pay it forward’ by donating excess milk

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11/10/2018 10:59 AM
Culture of care recognised as Netcare wins prestigious service excellence award three years in a row

Private hospital group recognised with national Ask Afrika Orange Index award 

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14/05/2018 07:00 AM
International Nurses Day 12 May 2018

Message from CEO and MD of the Netcare Group

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22/06/2017 06:43 AM
Rusty the Rhino brings fun healthy foods to Netcare paediatric patients

Bravery certificates, colouring in and playful crockery aim to cheer young patients

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Media releases

Find the latest media releases issued by Netcare for the Group and its operations, as well releases dating back to 2009.

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23/11/2020 09:59 AM
Results for the year ended 30 September 2020

Company performance reflects the impact of COVID-19 with an ongoing focus on the delivery of Netcare’s strategic objectives

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23/11/2020 09:19 AM
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020

‘United to preserve antimicrobials – United to prevent drug resistance’

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17/11/2020 09:57 AM
World Prematurity Day calls for global action ‘Together for babies born too soon’

Netcare initiatives improving the odds for tiny ‘preemie’ babies

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12/11/2020 03:11 PM
Specialists tackle difficult men’s health topics

Three urologists draw attention to important issues highlighted by Movember movement

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11/11/2020 10:10 AM
‘Ice therapy’ for breast cancer established at Parklane Radiology

Precise, minimally invasive cryoablation offers out-patient alternative to surgery

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10/11/2020 09:44 AM
Hospital marks milestone 150 robotic-arm assisted surgeries

More mountains to climb and motorbike rides for patients after hip and knee replacements

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09/11/2020 01:42 PM
It’s a question of trust

“The hospital staff became my people…”

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06/11/2020 02:15 PM
Johannesburg pacemaker clinic celebrates 30 years of service to the community

Regular follow-up is critical after a pacemaker is implanted

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Research publications

Find research publications and articles authored by Netcare staff and associates.

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