SA strategic priorities

Consistency of care

  • Living the Netcare Way.
  • Achieve consistency in the quality of all aspects of service delivery across multiple facilities.
  • Deliver best clinical outcomes and best patient experience measured against international benchmarks.
  • Measure outcomes and processes to drive quality improvement and eliminate variability.
  • As an employer of choice, attract and retain people with the specific skills and behaviours required to deliver on our purpose.
  • Deepen a patient-centred culture of competency and care.
  • Provide training and development opportunities to motivate employees and build systems leadership capabilities.
  • Recognise and reward performance.
  • Implement relevant environmental initiatives that secure the supply of electricity and water required to operate.
  • Embrace diversity and eradicate racism.

Remain a preferred provider to funders

  • Maintain designated service provider (DSP) status in appropriate funder networks
  • Expand our footprint to remain relevant as a DSP and to grow market share.
  • Provide leading centres of excellence.
  • Collaborate with funders to provide quality, affordable healthcare.
  • Optimise our operations to achieve efficiencies without compromising quality.

Physician partnerships

  • Partner with highly qualified and competent doctors.
  • Develop strong doctor networks and assist doctors in their professional development.
  • Provide leading centres of excellence.
  • Build, acquire and maintain facilities and equipment that support best clinical outcomes
  • Manage clinical data and reporting to facilitate the best clinical results.

Sustainable financial returns

  • Identify opportunities for top line growth in new and existing operations.
  • Focus on improving occupancy and utilisation across the network.
  • Implement operational excellence projects across all operations.
  • Provide an environment that encourages employees to innovate.
  • Achieve sustainable cost savings by reducing consumption of utilities.