Person centred health and care

Nothing about your health and care, should be done without your involvement. We put your needs first to provide you with personalised care and empower you with insightful data, so you can actively participate in decisions about your health and care.

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Our promise
to YOU

We promise to care for YOU, and about YOU, in a manner that places YOU and your family at the centre of everything we do.

We recognise that YOU are an individual with unique needs and expectations.

We recognise the importance of your family and loved ones in your healing process.

We are here to provide YOU with the best and safest care, when YOU need it and in a way that we would wish for our loved ones.

MyNetcare Online

MyNetcare Online

MyNetcare Online is a secure portal that has been created to enable your personal healthcare management.

Using the online tools on the portal, you can provide Netcare with your relevant personal information as well as that of your dependants, update these personal profiles at any time, and conveniently do pre-admissions to a Netcare hospital.

You can also request Netcare appointmed™ to book appointments for you or your loved ones with specialists, GPs, and dentists at Netcare hospitals, Netcare Medicross, and Netcare Akeso countrywide.

Antenatal services
Maternal & feotal care
Maternity facilities & services
Neonatal intensive care
Postnatal services
Netcare Ncelisa human milk banks

Maternity care

Antenatal care

We support your journey to parenthood during your pregnancy.

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Maternal and foetal care

We provide highly specialised and compassionate care for you and your unborn baby in the event of a complicated pregnancy.

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Maternity care and facilities

We go the extra mile to make the birth of your baby a most memorable experience.

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Neonatal intensive care

We provide highly specialised care for premature and other vulnerable babies in our neonatal ICUs, which are equipped with advanced technology.

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Postnatal care

We support you with a range of services centred around you and your baby's wellbeing.

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Netcare Ncelisa human milk banks

We provide safe donated breast milk for vulnerable babies who can’t receive breast milk from their own mothers.

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Specialised care

We provide specialised care across a comprehensive range of medical disciplines.

Cancer care
Cardiac care
Dermatology care
Ear, nose and
throat (ENT) care
Emergency and trauma care
Gastroenterology care
Haematology care
invasive surgery
Neurological and neurosurgical care
Orthopaedic care
Paediatric care
Rehabilitation care
Robotic assisted surgery
Sexual assault centres
Stroke care
Weight loss care

More specialised healthcare services

We work closely with you to understand your needs and circumstances, so that we can provide personalised care that helps you take care of your health.

For women, mother, and baby
For men
Breast care

We offer specialised screening and customised treatment for breast diseases as well as cosmetic enhancements.

Cervical cancer care

We empower you to help prevent cervical cancer and offer specialised care for those affected.

Fertility services

We provide specialised fertility treatment and support to women who are struggling to fall pregnant.

Menopause care

We provide supportive care to help women live life to the fullest during this stage of their life.

Urogynaecology care

We offer one stop specialised care for gynaecological conditions and pelvic floor disorders.

Antenatal care

We support your journey to parenthood during your pregnancy with gynaecological care and a range of antenatal services to help you prepare for parenthood.

Maternal and foetal care

We provide highly specialised and compassionate care for you and your unborn baby in the event of a complicated pregnancy.

Maternity facilities and services

Our experienced maternity staff go above and beyond in providing guidance, support, and peace of mind before and after pregnancy.

Neonatal intensive care

Our nursing staff members are right by your newborn baby’s side, providing specialised care in the event of neonatal complications.

Postnatal care

We support your journey to parenthood during your pregnancy, at birth, and after your baby’s birth.

Ncelisa human
milk banks

We provide safe, nutritious breast milk for vulnerable babies whose mothers are unable to provide them with their own breast milk.

Enlarged prostate treatments

We offer advanced treatment options for an enlarged prostate.

Erectile dysfunction treatments

Specialised treatment is available for men with erectile dysfunction.

Fertility services

We provide specialised treatment and support for men concerned about infertility.

Prostate cancer care

We offer a range of treatment options for prostate cancer.

Testicular cancer care

We provide specialised treatment for men with testicular cancer.

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Request a medical appointment through Netcare appointmed™

Request a medical appointment through Netcare appointmed™

Netcare appointmed™ is a convenient booking service designed to assist YOU with all your medical appointments. Get access to our extensive Netcare network of healthcare professionals at Netcare hospitals, Netcare Medicross medical and dental centres, and Netcare Akeso mental health facilities.

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Your hospital journey

At Netcare, it is a privilege to care for you and your loved ones. We want you to have a positive, hassle free hospital experience, from pre-admission to your hospital stay and discharge.

Emergency treatment process
Emergency treatment process 01

Find out about the triage process and the emergency medical care we provide to medical scheme members, private paying patients, and international patients with medical cover.

Hospital pre-admission
Hospital pre-admission 02

Familiarise yourself with our pre-admission procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient admission process.

Hospital admission
Hospital admission 03

Know what documentation you need for your hospital admission and the essentials you should bring along to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Hospital stay
Hospital stay 04

We’re focused on taking care of your needs by providing you with the best and safest care during your hospital stay.

Hospital discharge
Hospital discharge 05

Know what to expect with your discharge process and get self-care advice to help you on your road to recovery.

Your patient rights
Your patient rights 06

We’re all about respecting your rights. Familiarise yourself with your patient rights and responsibilities.

Opportunities for specialists

We offer medical specialists opportunities to consult from, and practise in, our modern, private hospitals across South Africa. Become an integral part of our extensive network and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the patients in our care and their families.

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Our commitment to quality of care

It’s not just something we say. We regularly monitor, measure, and publish the data that shows the high quality of care we provide. This is guided always by our principles of transparent and person centred health and care.